Yakuza of the End - Screenshots

Sega has released new screenshots for its upcoming Yakuza of the End (Ryu ga Gotoku of the End).

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ABizzel12808d ago

I feel awful I have Part 1, 2, and 3 and haven't put 30 minutes into any of them. I don't have time to game, and I definitely don't have time to play a game with this much content.

JonDiskonected2806d ago

you're missing out on great games

all I want to know is if this will be coming stateside

ABizzel12806d ago

I know, but part 4 is coming to the US, so I'm sure this will.

akiraburn2806d ago

ABizzle, I know what you mean about time constraints, especially with how many amazing games have been coming out and are coming in the near future, but I have to say that these games are worth making time for. If you only have time for one of them, start on Yakuza 3, as that will give you a full video breakdown of the events that transpired in the first two games, and then you can catch up for Yakuza 4. I didn't end up getting into the series until just after Yakuza 2 released in the US, but I was blown away by how much fun it really was. I can't stress enough how much I enjoyed these, and how easily this became a favorite series of mine.

As for Yakuza: Of The End, it's looking great. I really hope this gets a western release next year. It's a shame that Yakuza: Kenzan! never made it over. I really think the feudal Japanese appeal of it (as well as the fact that there was less competition in games at the time) would have gained them even more fans of the series.

ABizzel12806d ago

I want to play from the beginning, which is why I want to play Part 1 first. I may have to do what you said though.

akiraburn2806d ago

Yeah, I ran into an issue in Yakuza 1 actually. Since I was playing on my BC 80GB PS3 (the ones with mostly software emulation), I ran into a lockup which prevented me from getting any further. Yakuza 2 had some issues as well, so in order to fill in the blanks without having to replay both games entirely over on a PS2, I just watched the videos at the beginning of Yakuza 3. It's no joke when I say they're really informative and very thorough. Each video is like 30 minutes long, and even has breaking points in it in case you need to stop.

All the games are really epic. I mean, I was just talking to a buddy about them, and it's not easy to really categorize them. It's Action, RPG, Brawler/Beat'em Up, and a mass of mini games all in one. And in time when there's less and less solid and expansive single player games out there, these are a welcome bunch.

Bounkass2806d ago

They should put an end to Yakuza all together...