HD Remakes - Good or Bad?

A short article on the recent trend of HD remakes.

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Marcello2807d ago

Great idea if the graphics are updated & maybe a few things added but wat makes Ubisoft think BG&E is gonna sell now whilst it didnt when it was first released ??

I would scream like a giddy school girl if Capcom annouced a RE4 HD rls but it seems were only getting HD remakes of games were not asking for except ICO. It just seems that lately devs arent listening to gamers. Where`s the HD remake`s of Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid or Resident Evil ?? thats wat we really want right ??

Joni-Ice2807d ago

Good or Bad? It depends on the game.

Bigpappy2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

That is exactly the reason it will sell this time around (There are a lot of people out there who never got to play it). Whats more, it is a great game with varied gameplay. BGE is a very unique game which makes it perfect for this type of remake. It is not a short monotonous liner game. They did a lot of different genre in one game, and most of it was done really well. It is difficult to get bored, unless you are the type of person who only enjoy fast pace action games. The thing is BGE even has some of that. What will really help BGE to get alot more sales on XBLA than it did on 360, it that people will get to try it before they buy this time around, and that they do not have to leave home to make the pruchase.

A unique series that I thing will also do well on on XBLA is the Oddworld series from PS1 that never made it to Xbox.

Saladfax2807d ago

BGE also has a pretty solid cult following. Most folks who play it have the reaction, "Wow, I never realized how good this game was."

Hopefully, a little more interest in the game will speed along the slow development of BGE2. They say they're still working on it, but it sounds like the team if *very* small at the moment.

Blaze9292807d ago

it's a good idea until 3rd party studios start whoring it. Ubisoft is already leading the path to destruction.

It's a good idea like the God of War collection if you want to reintroduce an IP to current gen console owners who didn't get a chance to play the games last gen in preparation for a new sequel, which in their case was God of War 3.

But collections like the Prince of Persia trilogy, Splinter Cell, etc. which have nothing to do with nothing or any upcoming sequels since Prince of Persia and Splinter Cell has since long been active this gen, is just pointless.

Isn't long before EA steps their foot into this. Or....ulgh, Activision.

I say, as long as these companies do not forgot it's new IPs and sequels that matter, they can do what they want. But if this is their answer to making a quick buck since everyone is scared of new IPs now adays, then kick rocks.

ABizzel12807d ago

Good idea if the games were great games such as GOW Collection, Sly Collection, and ICO Shadow Collection. Bad idea once everyone tries to cash in on their tired franchises.

Ducky2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Yea, I'm kinda torn between the idea.
The cynic in me says I'm just buying games I already own but can't use due to no BW-compatibility so I'm being ripped off by rebuying them.
The other part says 'STFU and quit being a cheap mofo'. =/

I'm not sure what the whole converting-to-HD process is, but if it's something painless and easy, then it would be nice to have some publishers include prequels on the same blu-ray as new sequels. It's done before.

plb2807d ago

Still don't understand why the hd remake of tomb raider. I'd understand if it was the earlier ones on ps1 but not the ones they chose.

MysticStrummer2807d ago

Yeah I can't believe they actually called that the Tomb Raider Trilogy. First three TRs > those three TRs... by a mile.

sjaakiejj2807d ago

Hope we get an HD remake of Final Fantasy X, would love that! Not counting on it though :(

despair2807d ago

Good, I got GOW collection and Sly collection and they are some of the best games out there even today. I will be getting the POP collection and ICO/Shadow one as well, not to mention DL'ing Beyond Good and Evil and Strangers Wrath. So yea they are a good thing

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