Google Earth Could Go After Second Life

Google Earth is getting increasingly realistic, but it still lacks elements related to human movement and interaction. Google may soon address this issue, however, as there's word that Google Earth could become the basis for a Second Life competitor.

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BigKev454094d ago

HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH VIDEO GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lumbo4094d ago

there is no need to be a competitor for 2nd Life, cause second life is DEAD in business terms.

Its a hype driven fad. Nothing happens in 2nd life, it stopped being hip when people realized how stunningly ugly it is, and that furries roam all over it.

ben8064094d ago

DEAD is business terms? why would you care about that? second life makes money from residents buying artificial currency to do crazy things,

dwyerusna4093d ago

this'll be awesome to look at man