Top Ten Widely Believed Video Game Hoaxes and Urban Legends

gamrFeed: It seems like every day someone is trying to trick someone else into believing something that simply is not true. Whether it be the sheer sport of the experience, or a belief that one could make money from it in some way, we have been taken in by many such hoaxes. While not as notable as a lot of photos of “Bigfoot” or “Nessie”, videogames and videogames related media have been far from oblivious to the trend. Here are the top ten videogame hoaxes & Urban Legends in no particular order.

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ReBurn2804d ago

That was kind of a fun read.

Rival_312804d ago

Interesting read. I did fall for the rumor that Mew was under the truck.
Also beware, if you did not watch
Sixth Sense
Fight Club
or Citizen Kane
but plan to then I suggest not reading the spoilers in the article...

BlueEye2803d ago

That was fun. Being a Pokénerd I can relate to that I tried the Mew thing myself, but later found out about the Mew glitch in Celadon city. Its funny there was also a hoax in the 3rd gen games where if you get every pokemon except he event pokemon (Mew, Celebi, Jirachi and so on) you could fly a shuttle in Mossdeep City to the moon and catch Deoxys.

Nitrowolf22803d ago

I thought you could get to the moon. I freak'n checked the space number everyday.
Man so much hours spent doing that.

dragonclawf42803d ago

i heard that there was a weapon "wifle" in fallout 3 which could be used by ur dog companion.

Serinous2803d ago

haha i remember the FF7, Pokemon, and the Tomb Raider ones haha

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The story is too old to be commented.