GameInformer: Beyond Good & Evil HD Review

GI: If you’re among the majority of gamers who didn’t play Beyond Good & Evil when it originally came out for PS2, Xbox, and Gamecube, you have no excuse for passing up its new form. Even if the great gameplay, the spot on our top 200 list, and my general adoration isn’t enough to pull you in, keep in mind that Ubisoft is probably looking at interest in this rerelease to help determine how much support they give to the long-overdue sequel. Even if Beyond Good & Evil doesn’t rank higher than 200 for you, the franchise deserves a shot at something greater.

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digitalivan2808d ago

Awesome score for a legendary game!

Yi-Long2808d ago

Absolute Day 1 must-buy!

despair2808d ago

yea I'm shocked they didn't tack on the now commonplace $15 price tag on this game, glad but shocked.

dredgewalker2808d ago

I haven't played the first game but I've heard good things about it.

dredgewalker2808d ago

I just made an idiot of Anyway I'm gonna give this a try since I never played this game.

callahan092808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

I played the GameCube version back when it was a brand new game. Now, I have the version. How does this version compare to that version? Based on the review, it doesn't sound much different from the original console versions, so I doubt it would be worth picking up for me since I have the GOG version. But it's still a great game, anybody who hasn't played it should get a copy from either XBLA or GOG or PSN when it comes out on PSN.

MagicAccent2808d ago

Worthiest HD remake of them all, imo. It really deserves a second chance.

I own the pc version, but for some reason it won't work on anything other than a single core, so I'll be more than happy to play it again on my PS3 :)

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Malebaria2808d ago

One of the most underrated games of last generation. I'm so glad it's getting an HD remastering.

Baba19062808d ago

cant wait to get this =D

Redempteur2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

you know what ? i'play played it on PS2 ( beaten ) , played half of it on gamecube , played on pc ( beaten ) AND i'm STill gonna buy the HD remake.

Dammit ubisoft .you'd better be brainstroming the Sequel as i write this because this universe had a god damm potential .

So , now when 's the release date for 2 ? ( can i finally know what happens to pey'j ? )

gypsygib2808d ago

I played it, and don't plan on buying the HD version. It was good but I think people act like it was better than it is.

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