Nine Ridiculously Oversized Videogame Weapons

There can’t be many things more fun for videogame designers than dreaming up weapons. In the real world, building a 500-lb. shoulder-harnessed rocket launcher is fairly impractical, but there’s nothing stopping designers from making big-ass guns.

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BiggCMan2803d ago

The Hammer of Dawn is not ridiculously over sized, its just really powerful. I remember using it for the first time, I was like "DAMN", its a pretty awesome weapon. Cool list, though theres many many other gigantic weapons out there.

IronFistChinMi2803d ago

The part Marcus holds isn't, but the orbital cannon from where the laser comes from, is.

Tsar4ever012803d ago

The "HALO" weapon is gamings current "RIDICULOUSLY OVERSIZED VIDEOGAME WEAPON" hands down. Moving on.....

Godmars2902803d ago (Edited 2803d ago )

Except its meant to take out everything living within lightyears, but its never actually used in the game.

Fallout 3's MIRV is not only used, but put in players hands.

Edit: Actually, have to wonder why Kos-mos's triple barreled mini-gun wasn't even considered where Cloud's sword was.

The girl's abs for that matter. Which took out a whole fleet.

Godmars2902803d ago

Pretty sure Warhammer 40k would have something to say about that.

And before the disagrees: yeah space marines had chain swords, but space orcs put them on their rifles.

mastershredder2803d ago

Neir had a bunch of over the top super sized swords that make Cloud's look like a toothpick.

niminator2802d ago

How about possibly every single weapon in GodEater?