Heavy Rain: Free Will and Quick Time Events

It could have been ugly. When the French developers Quantic Dream announced that they were working on an ‘interactive film’ that used quick time events as the primary mode of player interaction you could hear the sceptical harrumphing from orbit.

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Killzoned2808d ago

I have yet to even play this game.. Should i?

BiggCMan2808d ago

Thats a question that can only be answered by yourself. The answer all depends on which types of games you like. If you are open minded about anything out there, then give it a go. If you enjoy an amazing story, then Heavy Rain has that. The graphics are also very amazing. What makes or breaks this game for some people is the way it plays. Some people will be bored to tears by just walking, and doing quick time events, but its really more than that. Every action you do, either successfully, or mess up on. Will impact the outcome of the game. There is no do-overs, if you mess up, you keep going. I will say this, if you decide to play it, the beginning is slow moving, give it a chance to capture you. If by the first trial you still don't enjoy it, then its not for you, and that is fine. Heavy Rain is not for everyone.

norman292808d ago

Yes, yes you should, or better yet, let it play you ;)

Redempteur2808d ago

you should. if only for the ride leading to an ending .
And then you'll probably replay it to find the set of endings that suit that kind of story line

duplissi2808d ago

yeah, rent it if you can. its quite the experience, only thing id say is stick through the first couple of hours because many find the beginning to be a little slow.

tigertron2808d ago

Well if you don't you're missing out on one of the best games this generation. Its my personal GOTY 2010.

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SwampCroc2808d ago

man I played this game... and wow... I had at some points like a group of 5-8 people watching me... and some of the shit that happened caused wild reactions... like "OMFG, I can't believe you shot him"..... then I said.. "Well, I'm a father too"....

talk about an immersive game... the whole time I was like I can't let my family down...

Xander-RKoS2808d ago

Heavy Rain is quite the experience....

However, there's quite a few problems with this article's argument. The first is that the creating different characters based on decisions is present in most games. Projection and creating internal narratives is nothing new to games and you depending on the player could be present in Zelda, Metroid, Uncharted, Halo, etc.

For example, is Samus the fearless destroyer of planets who has no fear? Or is Samus someone who freaks out at every giant monster she fights and constantly yells explicatives while dodging and shooting. For me, shes the latter.

In that regards, Heavy Rain does what most games have already been doing. Very much akin to Golden Sun Dark Dawn's little emotion system that shapes Matthew in the player's mind, but has little impact on the story.

Secondly, the game doesn't really craft characters. I thought so to on my playthrough of the game, but then I watched my friend play the game, make some radically different decision, succeed and fail where failed and succeeded, and watched the story or characters barely change.

Here's the thing, Heavy Rain is a game with branching storylines. That really isn't new, especially since there are many story points that don't change at all. You can look on the Wiki to see where the story cutscenes change. It also uses quick-time events to create a similar flow that a movie would have.

Also, the story is awful. That's really just my opinion, but there are tons of parts that don't make sense, the ending is mindwrenchingly awful, and Madison is probably the most demeaning character in recent video games.

dgroundwater2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

Agree completely. There is alot of buzz around this game, and it is generated by talking points and not the game's actual content.

Truth is the characters are mostly two dimensional. Madison particularly is a very demeaning token woman. Her scenarios are getting raped (in a dream), getting raped for real, and strip dancing. The ending is a hokey battle where all the characters stories come together magically. How the heck did Madison contact Jayden anyway? She called 911 and he picked up?

Still enjoyed my first playthrough. But beyond my personal narrative and dumbfoundeness with the solid presentation, there is a weak form to Heavy Rain. The average film critic would give it two stars perhaps. And it will remain a hugely overrated game in my eyes.

Xander-RKoS2808d ago

I'm kinda surprised that a person who agrees with me left a comment, but the people who disagreed didn't....

Oh well...I also enjoyed my first playthrough of the game, to the point when I saved Jason I was like "yes, I did it!"

Then watching my friend play, do vastly radical things and got practically the same endings...nothing really changed or happened. Besides the death scenes, which I can only imagine just moves around some cutscenes and cut out a lot of dialogue, the only scene that truly changes the game is letting Ethan surrender to the police or jump.

I wish something people will need to realize is that if a game's story would be panned as a movie, it doesn't make it revolutionary for a game that is trying to be like a movie. I often here it's step in the right direction for games but I don't think it is. Whether or not you think games should be more about storytelling or personal experiences, any hack can mash his face on a keyboard while yelling "I'm brilliant" as he thinks nudity is sophisticated and plot holes build mystery.