Sony Bundles PS2 With PS3

Report from Japan suggests that a mini PS2 will be included in every PS3. A surprising report has emerged from Japan's Ultra One monthly technology magazine. The magazine's July issue reports that Sony will be achieving backwards compatibility on the PlayStation 3 not through software emulation, as previously announced, but through physical hardware.

The magazine states that the PS3 hardware, in its current form, includes the core PlayStation 2 chipset. This presumably means that initial PS3 units will include the single Emotion Engine (the PS2 CPU) and Graphic Synthesizer (the PS2 graphics chip) combo chip that powers the slim model PS2.
Of course, including the extra hardware drives up costs. The magazine adds that Sony plans on removing the PS2 chipset from future revisions of the PS3 hardware once it has finished development of a proper software-based PS2 emulator. Such a removal would help bring down costs for the system.

shotty6320d ago

This is how you get the system to be Backwards Compatible. They did it with the ps2 by putting in parts of the ps1 into it. Microsoft didn't own the CPU and GPU for xbox 1 so they would have to go through the entire negotiation process with nvidia and intel to produce new smaller xbox 1 chips to put into the xbox 360, MS knew this would greatly increse the cost of the xbox 360 and was not feasible charging xbox 360 owners to have xbox 1 parts in it when only some people would actually use it. However Microsoft owns the IPs to the xbox 360 this time around so they put parts of the xbox 360 into the third xbox and through have full hardware backwards compatibility

Lucidmantra6319d ago

Agree 10000% MS didn't own it and because SOny does it can put it in there and that is how they get 100% BC... Smart work on SOnys part, but almost impossible with the Xbox because it wasn't MS's property.

Joe6320d ago

Great... How much is the PS3 going to cost now??? The price keeps getting higher and higher...

Lionel Hutz6320d ago

Joe, I saw in your profile that you live in North America. It is my understanding from the article that the price is only to change in Japan where the price was left as "open" at E3. For us gamers in the US and Canada, the price is still going to be the same.

OutLaw6320d ago

It's funny how this comes on the heel of the 360 list problem. How they're going to stop making backwards compatibility. But this is kind of late because MS already cleared that up. They are going to continue with the B/C. So lets see what Sony will think of next.

Shadow Flare6320d ago

The prices were finalized for America and Europe at E3. Actually americans get it cheapest, then the japanese, then the europeans (well UK at least, i think its pricier for the rest of europe too).

I like this article, at least the ps3 will be completely backwards compatible = cool

Joe, why do you have star trek for your avatar?

andy capps6319d ago

MS said they would continue to work on it, but from what they said, it doesn't seem like they're aiming to get a majority of the Xbox titles in playable form. It still seems like they're only aiming for the "top-selling" titles, which is up to them to ascertain.

Shadow Flare6319d ago

they would only need to make the system backwards compatible for like 3 games. Job done!

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jedicurt6320d ago

no where in the article did it say the price was going up. it said that the development cost is going up, and please, do you honestly think that the people of sony didn't realize this was a possiblity when they gave the price no even a month ago. if anything, if they emulation software were to be finished before launch and able to be put into first generation ps3's then they probably would of dropped the price, so as to increase consumer support in the system, that is a basic strategy in marketing, and something i am sure has been talked about for many months and not just recently

Marriot VP6320d ago

I honestly didn't think this is how Sony made most of their games backward compatible for the ps1 and ps2. It's strange cause only the early PS3 adopters will have backward compatibility than? I guess so. It makes sense for the xbox 360 to stop making new games backward comp., but this move is quite strange if only a group of people will be able to use backward compatibility. I bet only the 600 dollar pack will have this, makes sense. Also because of the blu-ray in the 500 dollar one not having hdmi, when hdcp kicks in a couple years from now EVERY person with a 500 pack won't be able to play blu-ray movies. Just a random fact.

jedicurt6320d ago

no, it doesn't mean that future generations won't be backwards compatible, it means that future generations will use emulation software instead of hardware to attempt to accomplish this, however with software, this means that you might occasionally find a game that doesn't work, but it will still be backwards compatible, and updateable to attempt to contiue making all games work

Marriot VP6320d ago

yah I thought so. Sony can't afford any problems. Emulation, like the 360, just runs the system harder cause it's different code. But still performs the same.

USMChardcharger6320d ago

actually the 360 runs less hard (is less hard correct?).
anyway, it tricks the 360 into thinking it is an xbox1 and actually shuts down 2 of the 3 cores.

Shadow Flare6320d ago

is that why it has trouble with backwards compatibility?

Marriot VP6320d ago

it doesn't have trouble you just have to download a patch on the hard drive, but I can tell that xbox 1 games do run hotter because it's different code. It's like having to run up a hill and run back down for groups of code. Instead of 360 games which would take one trip up the hill cause the code is for the console. Which is why PC ports have a problem doing anymore than matching very expensive PC's. Cause you have to adapt it, which slightly hinders graphical abilities. Ergo -- Oblivion, slightly better on a PC.

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Sexius Maximus6320d ago (Edited 6320d ago )

SWEET!!! Buy one piece of crap, get a second one FREE. You can't beat it!!! I don't REALLY mean that, I'm sure the PS3 will be great, but that is just crazy talk. Two for one???