See How Portal’s Heroine Has Changed

Chell, the player's character in Portal, was never really the star of the game. You barely even saw what she looked like. Seems that approach is out the window for Portal 2.

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mukyoucom2808d ago

Man Kotaku needs to change the site back, I don't even bother going to there sites anymore because of the changes with them. It is such a pain to use.

HarryMonogenis2808d ago

Go to:

It's Kotaku with its original design.

Winkle922808d ago

Kind of disappointed with this design. Seems like Portal was the first game ever not to flaunt a female protagonists chest. Looks like thats out the window in Portal 2. Its not as bad as it could be, but still...

Kakihara2808d ago

I have to agree. She actually looks quite a lot like that awful awful supermodel lookalike redesign of Alyx Vance from the HL2 cinematic mod.

Still though it is just a regular sportswear undershirt that she's wearing and that jumpsuit from the first game must have smelled like sweat and pee after the horrors she endured so you can understand her taking it off.

tacosRcool2808d ago

I can't wait for portal 2 to come out!!