Dial “D” for Death

The ill-fated game over screen pops up every time you die. Death is something that most gamer’s always try to avoid. Death is a unique concept in games, because each game has a different view on the penalty of death. Death can be a game breaker or a game saver. Even not dying has a negative effect telling gamers they too good for the game because they don’t lose any lives. For video games it is context of which you die in a game.

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admiralvic2809d ago

All games need a point...

jbl3162809d ago

I do feel there needs to be a balance in games. Yes, too few lives and be annoying but making it too easy prevents the suspense needed in games.

I guess death in games is way we can learn from our mistakes to tackle harder portions in the game.

MightyMark4272809d ago

I pretty much agree with u. Games like Prince of Persia with no deaths at all, is kinda unchallenging