GamePron News Season 2, Episode 2

GamePron News this week looks at Duke Nukem Forever, which has been rated suitable for Australians, and made it through the censors unscathed. Everything’s on track for a May release!

There’s also some good news for gamers as BlizzCon 2011 is announced, and we get an early glimpse and a handful of details about Battlefield 3. Meanwhile, the latest LEGO browser title and this iPhone RTS seem oddly familiar.

Mass Effect 2 wins big at the Interactive Achievement Awards, but the fans are divided over Clint Mansell writing the score for the sequel. Gamers around the world are also unhappy following Activision Blizzard‘s Q4 2010 earnings call this week, which saw the apparent demise of three franchises.

Finally, if someone sends you a confusing string of digits, you’d better check what it is before claiming they’ve sunk your battleship.

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