HUGE: PS3 Game Takes 22 Gigs on Blu-ray Disc

PlayStation 3 launch title Resistance: Fall of Man will reportedly take a staggering 22 gigabytes of storage space using the PS3's Blu-ray disc format.

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bernie5378d ago

....of CGI cutscenes and loading times.

General5378d ago

Hehe, Do I smell....Jealousy?

joemutt5378d ago

No you can have those, I will stay with the fast ones.

AuburnTiger5377d ago

How the hell do you know that 22 gigs = long loading times?

ACE5376d ago

can u smell sony bs ? OH YEEEESSSS LOL

joemutt5378d ago

Oh wait, that would make the loading times too long! Of course they are going to be big, they use crappy compression, and fill the game with hours of cut-scenes.

Microsoft has better compression tools and a faster drive, so they don't have to be huge files.

Why does something that is 22Gb look the same as something that is under 9Gb???

Sony wants us to think we need that extra space but the developers know we dont.

DC RID3R5378d ago

bad optimized programmer coding!

DJ5377d ago

Code is very very small. Most of that space is actually content like mesh data, textures, normal maps, bump maps, diffuse maps, animation, sound, etc.

Your logic is "if games have only been on DVDs, why do we suddenly need 22 gigs?" when what you should be asking is "if a PS3 launch title is already hitting 22 gigs, how long have developers felt held back by DVD-9?"

bung tickler5377d ago (Edited 5377d ago )

the fact that the actual code doesnt take up much space when written properly doesnt change the fact that a 22gb game is totaly full of fat, cgi, and other signs of lazy game design. can you think of any GOOD games on the PC, which could really take up as much space as need be since most computers nowadays have 60+ gig HDD's? I mean think about it a game like guild wars with both parts is HUGE in explorible area and play time ect. yet the space it takes up on your HDD is quite minimal and could easily fit onto one dvd (thats both games i might add) so simply put this is lazy programming and sony trying to pretend that we NEED blu-ray for ganes when we DO NOT!