If Its So Easy For Sony To Port Games To The NGP...

If Its So Easy For Sony To Port Games To The NGP then does that not mean that they could easily port every single good game that came out on the PS3 to the NGP? this way you really will be taking your games on the go.

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CaptainPunch2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

I'm sure Sony will be porting the more popular games on the NGP. Damn imagine Mirror's Edge on the NGP with trophies.

insomnium22862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

Mirror's Edge wasn't that popular though. I don't think it sold very well. I just loved it though. The athmosphere is awesome in that game. If you haven't played it you are missig out.

Anarki2862d ago

As much as I'd love to see this happen, I wouldn't like to download blu-ray sized games for my NGP. I'd need to have a 1tb hard drive in there to be able to store afew games! lol

frjoethesecond2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

PS3 ports wouldn't be anywhere near their original size on the NGP.

The quality of visual assets would be significantly reduced with little impact on overall visual quality thanks to the reduced screen resolution.

The LPCM audio would be changed to compressed stereo and cutscenes would be significantly compressed aswell like ff13 on 360.

duplissi2862d ago

well with a smaller-lower res screen you dont need as high res videos or textures, or hell the audio can be far more compressed.

all that equals less strict space requirements

Rival_312862d ago

I can't wait to get it day one. And just test out everything and play with everything that the NGP will have at the time.

NukaCola2862d ago

MW2 will release this Nov on PS3, Xbox, and NGP and they will all look the same, and the NGP and PS3 versions will be compadible to transfer your career and you can play across platforms. Funny.

morganfell2862d ago

One of the things this means is that developers can produce titles for the PS3 and have the NGP version for almost nothing.

This is a massive attraction for developers and publishers and will lead to a great many Sony exclusive versions and features to include unique interoperability between the PS3 and NGP.

TheDivine2862d ago

Wait i dont understand. You cant have ps3 games without "THE CELL" and they cant fit on anything other than bluray right? Small size kills games and is the downfall of gaming right? If this can run ps3 games without the cell , gasp , couldnt a pc or the 360? Wont this compromise ps3 games because theyre developing for ps3 and this making ps3 games smaller and of lower standards? LOl......

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DigitalAnalog2862d ago

Nowadays, you can get 10GB memory sticks and since many games don't utilize that much memory. Even LESS when it's compressed into a smaller screen. I really hope we could utilize the innovations on the touch screen/gyroscopes to make a unique experience.

-End of Line

Derekvinyard132862d ago

there is no way this can be true, i cannot see games like just cause 2 and fallout on this hardware without some problems. what do u think?

DOMination2862d ago

So let me get this straight; you are happy to buy effectively the same game, twice?

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hamburger1232862d ago

Playing mass effect 2 in the train or airplaine would be a dream come true.

Blaster_Master2862d ago

finally to be able to use two analog sticks on the go is. I hope they implement L3 and R3.

dontbhatin2862d ago

they are full on analog sticks. they are not nubs like on the psp. so yes it will have l3 and r3

blumatt2862d ago

Hopefully they also use the back touchpad to implement L2 and R2 buttons as well. :) Would be good for when they put PS2 Classics on PSN for use on NGP and PS3. It's gonna happen evetually. My first PS2 classic will be GTA San Andreas!!!

nintenflo2862d ago

I expect for fps they will change it so that l1 & r1 are aim and shoot, and the back track pad will b for granades etc... Imagine using the track pad to aim granades!

BrutallyBlunt2862d ago

This could be the real 3DS killer and help Sony's position in the handheld market by allowing cross platform play and only charging for one copy.

princeofthabay2862d ago

maybe a special edition for new games that will include both???

Masterchef20072862d ago

i really hope that it does happen. They can attach the game to your PSN account which would work. Be cool to play the game a bit on the PS3 then transfer the save and continue playing it on the go. Its very easy to do i only hope that sony does it though.

insomnium22862d ago

With cloud saving no need to transfer the saves. Think of the possibilities :)

Masterchef20072862d ago

I can imagine that GTA4 on the NGP would be great. Or demon souls would be fantastic as well.

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