TitanReviews: What if Call of Duty...Died?

Titan Reviews writes: For Call of Duty fans this might be some good news for the franchise, but on the other hand Activison stated that they had lower expectations for the next release this year, which more than likely will be Modern Warfare 3. Well here’s the question. What if the Call of Duty franchise after 2011 were to suddenly die out? It’s unlikely, but how big of change would the gaming community see?

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Shok2805d ago

Then gaming would be one step closer to full recovery.

Op242805d ago

good way to put it ha.

Focker4202805d ago

The gaming industry would become more lucrative (like it used to be). Instead of 3/4 of my friends list constantly playing 1 game the entire year. It would be a huge boost for other developers. I think it would be a miracle for the gaming industry.

I know people that play CoD all day every day and they never play anything else. Which I'm not down on em if thats what they want to do, but they miss out on so many great titles because of it.

I don't think CoD should 'die' but I do think gamers should broaden their gaming horizons just a bit. Or at the very least build an updated engine for CoD and make sure its not broken at release.

GavLam882804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

I think most of us can relate to looking down our friend lists and seeing the majority of our friends playing COD and nothing else. It's depressing in the sense that they don't try other games and add some variation. At the end of the day though, it depends on what the gamer enjoys like you said.

I think it is more the security of COD, knowing that there is always a community and most people own it so its a safe buy for the average gamer. The upcoming COD replacement in my opinion is going to be BF3, either way the more competition the better, because we all end up better off since we have a choice!

Anon19742804d ago

I can't relate to that. Not a single person on my friends list plays Call of Duty anymore. When Black Ops released there were a few, but now not one. I see of NBA 2K11, I see some Medal of Honor's. I see some Dead Space 2. I see some Flashpoint. Not a single COD among them, and haven't been for weeks now.

For me, I know I'm feeling COD burnout. I played COD4 to death. World at War, not so much. MW2 a fair bit before going back to COD4. Black Ops I didn't even take online before trading it in due to the feedback I was hearing from friends. COD was fun, and I've always enjoyed the single player campaign, but the formula is getting stale now.

A little while ago I popped in COD2 for old times sake and gotta say, even that was refreshing. No more game breaking killstreaks, no more "Everyone rush to one point and die, then repeat". I think COD just became oversaturated - and I for one know refused to spend $15 for a map pack.

The rest of the world might still be playing COD, but I know my little corner of the gaming world has started to move on. Bring on KZ3 and BF3.

NoobJobz2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

I play CoD all day and I have over 300 titles played on my 360 alone. So just because they play CoD all day doesn't mean they haven't tried others. I've played the majority of 360 titles and it kind of wore me out.

hamburger1232804d ago

Then a lot of lil kids would be crying

unknownhero11232804d ago

good. I love the sound of crying, makes my heart warm :)

Quagmire2804d ago

You're one evil bastard. Welcome to the club!

SpitFireAce852804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

I would pay a full games price to never hear of
another COD game being made...

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Hockeydud192805d ago

If Call of Duty transitions to a subscription based game then IT WILL DIE.

Op242805d ago

that's possible but there's enough die hard cod fans out there that would hold it over

GavLam882804d ago

It would die in terms of me being a user thats for sure! There will certainly be some though that will pay for the subscription. I just never want that to become the norm!

NoobJobz2804d ago

Depends on how much it is. Anything over $5 a month is pushing it. I already pay for Live.

GavLam882804d ago

If your already paying for Xbox live it must make it that little bit harder to want to pay. I'm really price sensitive to any subscription based models. I feels as if I never play enough online to get my moneys worth, which is why I am not a fan of online subscriptions.

k-dillinger2805d ago

activision will die a fast painful death..

SactoGamer2805d ago

Especially since they don't have Guitar Hero to fall back on.

Op242805d ago

Is there even any other big name franchises for them to fall back on anymore?

Ducky2804d ago

^ Don't they still have Blizzard under their wing? O.o

Kon2804d ago

Then the space-time continuum will enter in an infinite loop, and this would lead to the end of the universe.

PS-_-GAMER2804d ago

COD Will Never Die Theres alot of stupid ppl who buy it


Millions of pre teen and teen kids would commit suicide!

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