A Piracy Crysis? (Crysis 2 Leaked) | Mad Overdose writes: Who really didn't see this coming sooner or later? News recently broke out that an "unfinished" version of Crysis 2 has been leaked and is now dripping through the internet connections of many hungry thieves all over the world. This leak contains not only what is presumably the full single player campaign, but also multiplayer with serial key included. This news will surely make pirates cream from their eyeballs and knock their wooden legs together, but ultimately comes a really low blow to Crytek who are planning to release the game in March.

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Loner2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

This happens every game on the 360 and soon in the future will happen every game on the PS3

Pandamobile2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Yeah, this is the first time a big PC game has been leaked so far in advance in a while.

Weren't Reach and ODST leaked about 50 days early too?

This is definitely someone at Crytek's fault :\

Build versions of big-name games don't usually get out of the company.

Eamon2807d ago

Oh wait, so this wasn't a retail leak?

As in, the game is still in development on the PC?

Wow, now that is a big leak. Most likely, it was leaked by a beta tester or maybe an employee at Crytek gave a copy to his friend or leaked it out of vengeance?

Pandamobile2807d ago

The game is still in development on all platforms, but yea, this is a development beta that was leaked, which (I think) also included the master-keys for the DRM. This is far more serious than a retail leak.

Crazyglues2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Wow, OMG!!! I just saw two videos and OMG! game is Awesome... wow

This is clearly PC... and it looks really good, I'm back pumped for this game... Wow nice visuals and amazing music...

It seems to play a big part in the feel of the game.. Really Nice.

I like the way the sound is done, you hear car alarms going off as the bridge comes down.. these little things set the tone... it's nice, I'm getting like that I am Legend type of feel..

That end of the world kind of feel...

This game is probably going to be an Awesome Experience.


BattleAxe2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

This problem is biggest on PC, so lets not lose sight of the problem by trying to justify this by saying that a few XBOX 360 games have gotten out early, and lets focus on why most devs do not cater to PC gamers anymore. Unfortunately console ports are the way of the future except where Valve's games are concerned. So my opinion is that any time a PC only gamer bitches and complains as to why they can't adjust FOV, and why they can't get a higher resolution than 720p, or why there are no dedicated servers, or why theres no mod support, or why theres no DLC for the PC version, or why did they put DRM on this game?, just tell them to STFU and move along. I bet that alot of the PC gamers that complain about this kind of thing, are the biggest pirates out there.

StbI9902807d ago

They should dump the pc version at all, fcking really makes me mad, then to see this happening to the like of uncharted too would make me even more madder...aaargh

And so pc gamers scream...pc gaming is the best, my ass.

Poor crytek.

Scrw whoever respond with ""U Mad" Lol.

FanboyPunisher2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Killzone 3 builds were shipped to TONS of studios to play it.

Crytek is owned by EA now? So might be someone @ EA.

My money is its from an outside partner not Crytek itself.

Or some mexican @ the dvd-factory down south took it home and copied it, or copied it with a pocket burner.

I imagine if he did, hes enjoying some of his profits on yummy tacos with 'Real' beef from his local Taco Bell.

Ducky2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Yes, pirates are to blame when a leak happens. >.>

Here's an excerpt from the article: "The leak must have been internal and caused by one of Cryteks own staff"
i.e. Blaming 'PC gaming' for this makes no sense.

Thanks for the benefit of doubt. >.>
People who complain about DRM are people who have to deal with it (i.e. legit buyers). Consumers are also the ones who complain since they forked over actual dough for the game.

The fact of the matter is that devs are lazy and don't want to spend the extra time (similar to how the PS3 gets some second-rate ports from the 360 version). Otherwise, most devs DO care about PC and DO take the time to add a new features and options.

Spitfire_Riggz2807d ago

@fanboy punisher

Mexicans dont eat american fast food. They eat real tacos

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silvacrest2807d ago

its already happened on the PS3, go to any torrent site and you can get pretty much any PS3 game, including marvel Vs capcom 3

Stevo912807d ago

Yeah but marvel v capcom is out in a few days this is leaked 49 days early big difference, plus pc games never or rarely get leaked before the console

Baka-akaB2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Not even a real leak with mvc3 ... some folks got retail copy early , wich led to the obvious backups

silvacrest2807d ago

your point is valid but my comment was in correlation to loner's comment

ironmonkey2807d ago

yea but at what cost. right now to mod the ps3 is way to much work.

Mottsy2807d ago

Its alot more work to Mod a console period. But with PC all you need is a virtual drive and your good to go.

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@Loner ...Dose it hurt for u to just read the article b4 u post comments.I mean u dont even have to read the hole article, just read a few lines so u will have a understanding of what this is about....This is about the PC version being downloaded alerday,the 360 has nothing to do with this....Im speechless on how dumb some people are on N4G.

visualb2807d ago

im going ahead and say this:

I rather jailbreak and pirate a 360 than a PS3

I'd rather "jailbreak" and pirate on a PC out of all 3

however, I rather just not pirate =))

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Op242807d ago

Freakin hackers are at it again. Ugh

BK-2012807d ago

Hackers had nothing to do with this, someone leaked the game.

MintBerryCrunch2807d ago

lol, really?

if the game was leaked, then somebody at Crytek must have done something really stupid or an error happened that allowed the game to get leaked

StbI9902807d ago

Hacker, thief, leechers, whatever, it is all the freaking same...a bunch of thief, that is.

Op242807d ago

BTW don't approve this. It'll just bring 'Good" news to all of the hackers on N4G

ThatEnglishDude2807d ago

I would completely understand if this did not get approved.

Eamon2807d ago

I think you mean pirates lol.

hamburger1232807d ago

This isnt even the final retail game...


ThatEnglishDude2807d ago

Correct. It's a developer build.

silvacrest2807d ago

depending on what build this leak is

this is really bad for crytek

Thecraft19892807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Its build from early on last month apparently according to the uploader. Its also complete with the whole single player map editor and activation keys for online. The only thing missing are DX11 and it also has few texture problems.

This is massive cock up for crytek nearly tops leaving private keys inside a console............

Kon2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Hmm, going to search for this now LOL.

EDIT: I found it, but i won't download it. It is freakin' 9GB.

silvacrest2807d ago

im seriously wondering what you expected?

hell, even considering that its leaked and unfinished i expected more

Kon2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

If it is an unfinished build i thought it would be like 6-7GB.

@Xfanboy. How a single level can be 9GB? It is impossible. And EA didn't took the download out, you can easily find him

ApexHell2807d ago

Kon its not a single level its the whole campaign.

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