IGN The Eye of Judgment AU Impressions

IGN has the finished game - how does it stack up?

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Ares844406d ago

Mainly because of the HD camera that comes with it. I've seen some cool games that will come out later for it that I'd like to play.

hazeblaze4406d ago

I'm getting it for the camera AND the game... I've seen some of the cool games coming out that use the camera, but if not for this game I probably wouldn't have tried any of them.

I've never been huge on card playing games but have liked MOST of them I played on PC... this one looks to be particularly just b/c of the tech. Can't wait to give it a try!

EZCheez4406d ago

I wonder how much it would be, and if it would be available at the same time as this game.

Chriswsm4406d ago

For some reason I am really keen on this game possibly due to the physical interaction and the fact I like card games (good ol top trumps). Plus the camera is probably going to cost more if you get it seperately.

I have pre-ordered my copy from £39.99 (best price I can find plus double game points for pre-ordering) If I use up all my current game card points I get it for a tenner :o)