Is Multiplayer Now Everything?

In this day and age where millions of people play online on different games, has Multiplayer become and aspect to a game what is expected?

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MariaHelFutura2898d ago

IMO games should focus on co-op more than competitive mp.

slate912897d ago

I think it's all preference. Competitive multiplayer really got me into video games and that's the main reason I play.

evrfighter2897d ago

Nope its just that the novelty of online gaming hasn't wore off for console gamers. Similar to pc gaming 10 years ago. With the online experience continually getting worse by the year thanks to console gamers and their dlc. If this is the consoles golden era of online gaming. I only shudder at the thought of how its going to be 10 years from now.

MidnytRain2897d ago

I disagree. PC gaming's biggest franchises are driven by multiplayer: Crysis, Team Fortress, World of Warcraft (one of the largest online communities in the world), Civilization, Starcraft (and just about any other real-time strategy game), Half-Life, etc.

Also, DLC has been around since the '80s, not much longer than the PC, so it's nothing recently invented. Plus, how does gaming on consoles affect PC gamers?

shooterexpert2897d ago

co-op is a waste of time.

It's fun for a little while but before you know it you won't touch it again.

competitive is the way to go.

MidnytRain2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

You seem to be expressing a personal feeling as a general statement. Watch: Of the twelve days I've spent in Uncharted multiplayer, nine of them were in co-op.

That, theoretically, discredits you. The way YOU or the people you know feel is not always so.

shooterexpert2897d ago

that was only because uncharted 2 multiplayer is terrible.

Well not terrible but mediocre when it decides to work.

PS3Freak2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

What happened to hanging out with friends and playing video games?

Nowadays, in order to play games with your friends you have to remain in seperate houses. Where's the fun in that? This is why games like borderlands, RFOM and soon Resistance 3 are such gems to me. Gaming was, and always should be about playing with friends, but due to the online craze, this is being lost to us.

This all of course takes a back seat to Singleplayer.

DeadlyFire2897d ago

Competitive MP should be in every FPS, every RTS, and every RPG.

That is my opinion.

I do agree that Co-op play is awesome as well. I wish more games would support 4 player co-op like Borderlands and Left4Dead series.

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Daz2897d ago

Single player and coop for me first. Then mutiplayer.

TABSF2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Singleplayer experiences is the main drive for me.


Halo Reach - 2 Playthroughs on Legendary, Less 5 Hours Multiplayer.
Uncharted 2 - 3 Playthoughts, Less than 5 Hours Multiplayer.
Crysis - 5 Playthroughs, Less than 15 Hours Multiplayer.

Some of my favorite games of all time include Oblivion, Legend of Zelda and GTA.

Multiplayer has its place such as Team Fortress 2.

sickbird2897d ago

It depends on the game. Games like SOCOM, Battlefield, COD... multiplayer is more important. Uncharted, Dead Space, Metal Gear (even though MGO is pretty good) and other story driven games don't need multiplayer in my opinion.

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