Dead Space 2 Complete Zealot Difficulty Video Walkthrough

A complete video walkthrough of how to best get through Dead Space 2 on Zealot Difficulty with audio commentary.

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greenblattsam2832d ago

This series helped me get through the entire Dead Space 2 with ease.

The-ULTRA-beast2832d ago

This series helped me cure cancer with ease

Eiffel2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

I don't think one even needs a Zealot walkthrough, you can breeze through it if you beat it on Hardcore and get the foam finger, unlimited ammo and it's powerful as balls. And on Zealot you have unlimited saves so that just makes it so much more easier anyway.

I beat Zealot last week, wasn't hard at all, given I played three times over on normal and had everything maxed out with New Game+.

Currently on Chapter 14 on Hardcore, 50G from 1000G.

Word for warning, it's best to save on Hardcore from Chapter 10, 12, 14. Saving from Chapter 10 is risky, but it's worth it to conserve those other two saves.

explicitd2832d ago

The foam finger does tear it up, but the strategies for zealot will still be helpful for Hardcore since it's technically harder.

BubbleSniper2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

lol, foam finger. i started my first run on zealot then went straight to hxc.

game is easy on any difficulty, but for those on pc

when you get ability to use stasis there is bug where if you

point view at certain angle, right before you hack the machine

you will fall through world.

dunno why but that room i always die so i saved before that.

i recommen maxing out javalin gun, plasma cutter and rig
max out linegun too ftw.

on hxc always make sure weapons reloaded after major fight
ncase you have to keep firing on other ambush.

EditorAtGNG2832d ago

Played the game with the original Dead Space weapons and it was pretty easy overall. The first game was way, way more challenging and somewhat... longer. I can't really tell.