GC 2006: The Games

The full list of all the games that will be showing at the Liepzig GC.

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wakkiwakko5372d ago

Nintendo Wii

:( Dang it Nintendo! SPEAK! :(

Twist965372d ago

There are no PS3 exclusive titles there.

Ken Kutaragi5372d ago

I am particularly a fan of "SpongeBob SquarePants: Creature from Crusty (Wii, PS2, Cube, PC, DS, GBA)". Cant wait to port that onto my POS3!!!

Lucidmantra5363d ago

That and I cant wait for another Barbie Adventures Game. On the PS3 it will have killer graphics and the textures will be shiny plastic just like barbie is in real life. they are going to put like 75,000 polys in her Corvette also.

bung tickler5372d ago

anyone notice how mgs4 was NOT listed...or any PS3 only titles... so I'm guessing all the other PS3 titles shown will be running on another platform and just have something saying "will also be on PS3" with only 3 months to go till thier (paper)launch thats gotta be kinda worring for all you sony die hards... ehh oh well sux to be you.

Lucidmantra5363d ago

They are waiting for Tokyo Game Show. On their home turf in their home market and their BIG SELLING AREA where they comfortably dominate.

grunt3605371d ago

Doesn't show anything from Bungie there...suppose they don't want people to know that they will be there to kick sony's and nintendo's

Lucidmantra5363d ago

you wont hear anything from Bungie unless it is a clue in their weekly update for abour 4 months. They showed what they are doing and the rest will be given sparingly until the Halo3 launch.