Rumour: KojiPro prepping new Metal Gear title for TGS unveiling

CC: Metal Gear Solid: Rising is still pretty far away from release we’re sure, but there’s already emerging talk regarding the next instalment in the Kojima Productions mega-franchise.

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SnakeMustDie2807d ago

Didn't Kojima said that a new game will be announced this E3 during the NGP reveal?

ksense2807d ago

yep a game which can played on your console and then carried over to the NGP and continued. Sounds awesome.

crimsonfox2807d ago

It sounds good but I dont want MGS to become a yearly thing this series is to important to me I hate when publishers over do it.


Why a TGS reveal dammit? It is too far away!
An E3 unveiling will have a bigger impact!
Stupid decision if true!

Christopher2807d ago

Was thinking the same thing, crimsonfox. I don't mind MGS, but please don't create too many of them.

Once every two years for each platform seems about right, IMHO. I hope they keep it that way.

alien6262807d ago

what does this say xbox? i thought kojima will make a xbox game...if he does announce a game it will b most likely on the NGP

TheTruth892807d ago

this mean that it's a PS3 exclusive...

vsr2806d ago

I think E3 game is for NGP
TGS game is for PS3 (very exciting!!!!!)

Looking forward to this game engine improvement over MGS4

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doa7662807d ago

not news

this was reported a few days ago, hopefully it'll be a PS3 exclusive with Snake

yourgodisdead2807d ago

Wouldnt mind Liquid, Gray Fox would be good too, the ultimate one would be Ocelot but I think too much of his story is revealed during the other games, seeing the mgs3 jungle on the PS3 would blow my mind though.

crimsonfox2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

double post sorry

crimsonfox2807d ago

thanks cgoodno i dont think my disagreers understood what i ment. But thats just my point, i dont want MGS to get burned out or even have its story ruined by to many spin offs that lack what kojima has already accomplished.

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ksense2807d ago

if the fans want it and the game sells and it is not a shitty cod type of game with little upgrade each year then whats the problem?

I think you could use a ps3.

Darkfiber2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

I've had a PS3 since fact, I bought a second one because my 60gb broke.

I think you should stop assuming everyone is a 360 fanboy just because...actually, I honestly don't know what that "PS3" comment was in reference to. That didn't even make sense.

I love the Metal Gear series, but there is no need to keep making more. Snake's story is over but Kojima just can't leave it dead. Rising isn't even out yet and they are already announcing another game? If it's for NGP then whatever, but if it's another big console game this is getting to be overkill. Make a new IP already...

NYC_Gamer2807d ago


its ashame,but thats how many people on forums're not allowed to have your own opinion on games without someone claiming you don't own a select console because they don't agree with the comments you typed.

Studio-YaMi2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Yet I don't see you saying the same about Halo,even though you're not an Xbox fanboy as you say ?

At least be a (gamer) then and admit when something "IS" being milked instead of accusing it to a series that hasn't taken the "1 game every year" root yet.

When was Metal gear Solid 4 now ? yeah about 4 to 5 years and the PSP game is just a PSP game,it's not a major console game even though it was awesome.

Darkfiber2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

MGS4 came out in 2008, Peacewalker in 2010, Rising in 2011 and this new game will be 2012... 4 games in 5 years, ohemgee that's COMPLETELY different than 5 games in 5 years! That's not milking the series at all, ESPECIALLY when they said MGS4 was going to be the last game of the series! Say what you will about Peacewalker, Kojima intended it to be a full-fledged MGS game, so in his eyes, it WAS a major game in the franchise.

Also, have you been following me on all the Halo threads or something? How do you have any idea that I don't say that about Halo? Pretty sure I do, actually... And also, what does this have to do with Halo? And what does liking or not liking the Metal Gear Solid franchise have to do with being a fanboy? Rising is multiplatform and this new game (if it's a console game) will be multiplatform as well. MGS games have appeared on Sony consoles, Microsoft consoles and Nintendo consoles.

Killzone3___2806d ago

you are a fanboy and your comments prove that ...

MasterPain2806d ago

Kojima is a one trick pony developer. This is all the guy knows how to make. Most overrated developer around. Make something new you overrated P.O.S.

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NYC_Gamer2807d ago

Kojima,should just worry about bringing us a new franchise.

Blaster_Master2807d ago

Nah, i was hoping for a next gen Z.O.E. I love MGS, but Im about done with the series unless it does something totally different. I like the older games' story than MGS4 so I dont know what to expect.

jay22807d ago

Please keep the xbot hands of this, 5 mins of game play or something really toned down in the story telling department is not cool.

MasterPain2806d ago

What are you talking about? That is a Kojima Trademark. 5 minutes of game play and 3 hours of cut scenes.

Ninver2807d ago

In Kojima we trust. What ever game it may be, i'm quite sure it will be great. Also a new MGS IP for the NGP would be icing on the cake.

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