Hungarians break in to a store-house for Halo 3 and record it on camera

Hungarian gaming site Gamekapocs is reporting that some Halo fans couldn't wait to get Halo 3 legally, so they broke in to a video game store-house to get their hands on it. They recorded the whole burglary, you can watch it below.

When they are in the store they can't decide to get only one piece per people or a whole box. One of them asks ironically: "Do you want get rich from this or what?". So they finally don't take the whole box.

The video ends with showing the thiefs playing Halo 3 and saying: "September 26th, you know. Sure."

The closing caption: "You owe us one. :P"

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Young Capwn4139d ago

If it was that easy to steal in the here i would have done the same thing....

I woulda taken the whole fu**ing box tho!
they pulled some Socom s*it lol

tchat10014139d ago

wasnt those crooks from "the usual suspects" hungarian? maybe thats why keyser soze wanted them hit???

Gamer134139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

Halo 3 sure take the gaming world by storm.

Waffle-boy4139d ago

I not sure about the prison rules/common-practice in hungary, but here in norway, you can play your Xbox 360 in prison. :P I'm pretty sure...

TnS4139d ago

I would rather wait some days to get Halo 3 instead of playing it in a prison. :)

nobizlikesnowbiz4139d ago

Lol thats pretty hardcore of them...

Security wasn't very tight on the warehouse. A flimsy master lock holding the warehouse door closed? With so much high-priced gaming goods inside you'd think they'd keep a better wrap on it.

Ares844139d ago

..I guess that's not the best time to say that I'm Hungarian to :D
Anyways...what a bunch of retards....typical.
In a poor country like Hungary you can expect stuff like that. I would never do that by the way...risk my freedom for a frikkin' game??? No way man!

oohWii4139d ago

Too bad they didn't open the warehouse door and catch both of CUJO's paws in their chest. I would have rather have seen a video of them being mauled by a big A$$ guard dog and screaming while their flesh was being ripped from skin...haha.

Frickin' Thugs!

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The story is too old to be commented.