Toronto Thumbs: Early Impressions of The Last Story

From the article:

"A couple of years ago, after Hironobu Sakaguchi released Lost Odyssey (2007), I read somewhere (it might have been here, actually) that his next game would be heavily influenced by Gears of War (2006). This -perhaps rightfully so- caused me unexpected amounts of concern and distress. I have loved JRPGs for as long as I’ve been gaming; to hear that even the godFFather himself wasn’t immune to the so-called ‘’charms’’ of surly space marines, I worried that, maybe, we had finally reached the end of these fantasies (sorry). After all, JRPGs, with all of their androgyny and melodrama and use of colour were the last bastion in the fight against ‘’gritty realism’’ and Angry Bald Dudes with Guns. Why, Sakaguchi, why?"

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barkingspace2831d ago

Is this even coming to NA? Maybe TT should have a contest where you win a free trip to Japan.


RedPawn2831d ago

I would like to play this for myself.

Kos-Mos2830d ago

Why do you think he said that? Because he was still being payed enormous amounts of money from ms, and the best option to sell his next game which probably would be on box was saying something like that. Capice?

guitar_nerd_232830d ago

good read, i wish i could read japanese and import it!

western release please nintendo, im counting on you for my jrpg fix!