Kotick Doesn't Deny Call of Duty Subscription

Activision Blizzard is going through some big changes, and part of the new strategy involves doubling down on Call of Duty, including a brand new digital content division called Beachhead. The details surround this new division are not clear at all just yet, but what is clear is that Activision will be looking to further monetize Call of Duty.

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donniebaseball2861d ago

Well, we shall see, but I wouldn't be surprised at all to see them launch some sort of subscription.

Oner2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

I hope they do'll be the end of COD & Activision.

Smkt2861d ago

i hope so too, but it can backfire on gamers if people are willing to pay for it. that might lead to other games doing the same in the long run.

TheLastGuardian2861d ago

I'm never buying another CoD game. I hope they charge for it so it won't sell as well.

captain-obvious2861d ago

i hope Activision runs out of business soon
and i hope Blizzard sets apart from them

maverick402861d ago

as much as i would love COD and ACTI to die it wouldn't happen. The COD fanboys would buy a turd if it had COD on it.

2861d ago
deafwing2861d ago

LMFAO at that image .. lol

karl2861d ago

activition will never die as long as World of warcraft exist..

Inside_out2861d ago

...there is a backroom deal among all the publishers to implement it. The reason is simple...they would be undercut by there increasing by the day competition. They lost there golden goose with Infinity Ward top 15 people leaving and could potentially lose their audience/demographic right now depending how they do this year. Crysis 2, Gears, Rage, Homefront, Brink, So-com, Ghost Recon and Battlefield 3 could all potential weaken that fanbase and combined with a POTENTIALLY poor showing by COD this holiday and things could look/get quite ugly over in Activision land.

elmaton982861d ago

You took the words out of my mouth

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Pixel_Enemy2861d ago

Yeah I hope they do to so I have one more reason to never buy COD again.

FailOverHero2861d ago

This is why they don't expect alot of sales for the next game

davekaos2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

All my fellow gaming community people lets put an end to Bobby and his evil ways.

please sign this only if you agree not to purchase anything from Activision

Believe it or not ppl but once this petition has ended or its reached its limit which i hope it does. Then i will send this to Activision along with a letter of complaint on behalf of all the gamers who are fed up with this.

I will also document everything if anything that i should recieve back.


Chris3992861d ago

have a CoD trophy/ achievement on their lists (I don't have a one). So much hypocrisy. The consumers screwed themselves in this case.

FFXI1012861d ago

They gonna turn COD into WoW, it'll be a MMOshooter.

Robearboy2861d ago

I personally think that PS3 owners will have to pay a subscription charge as MS have already stealth taxed 360 owners with a rise in Live charges

NiKK_4192861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

that's what i was gonna say they would probably do, we would have to pay to play COD, because live already goes partly to activision, so we would have to pay directly to activision for an inferior product...i hope nobody on ps3 buys the next COD, i'm getting ready to just delete some of my friends because they refuse to play anything but COD, i mean it's ok, but i feel like the only reason i play it sometimes, is because my friends play it...which shouldn't be right
kinda wish i never met COD...i would be better off

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davekaos2861d ago

I absolutely hate this money grabbing bastard.
If i had the oppertunity i would honestly shit in his face

LOGICWINS2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

Harsh much? I'd reserve that punishment for someone who raped or killed a friend or family member.

If you want to hate on someone, blame the majority of gamers who find it okay to pay for overpriced DLC. After all, COD gamers are the ones who give Kotick the power to do whatever he wants.

When people like us start spending more time spreading the word about what Activision does and LESS time moaning on an Internet thread that no one with any REAL influence in the gaming industry reads....Kotick will only get richer and richer.

@VenomProject, Robo- Bubbles, for the comments regarding rapage lol. But u guys have to understand that people are ALLOWING themselves to get raped...yet more criticism goes towards the rapist.

Heres a good analogy:

If Demi Moore from G.I Jane(with hair) bent over and asked you to give it to her....would you do it?

Answer that question honestly, and ull understand why Bobby Kotick does what he does.

I'm not worried about it to be honest. I've never bought a COD game. And I doubt COD's success will make other publishers charge ridiculous prices for DLC.

In fact, EA has been adding MORE value to its games to counter the B.S. that Kotick is doing(Free maps for BC2 simply for pre-ordering, the buttload of FREE extra features the PS3 version of Dead Space 2 has)

VenomProject2861d ago

If I met the man / woman that raped and or killed one of my family members, I'd do a lot worse than shit in his face.

Lamarthedancer2861d ago

He's raped peoples wallets...

Kind of the same thing :)

Pixel_Enemy2861d ago

@Robsonmonkey lol yeah, those dead presidents are like family to me too

davekaos2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

Seriously people what we should do is what egypt is doing now and fight against these corrupt horrible people.
Not in the sense we all stand out side activision HQ but instead as a gaming community we all stand against them sign some sort of petition and not buy anymore of their games PERIOD.

I cant understand why people dont see what they are doing. Bobby and his fuckface crew are ruining the gaming industry


@Robsonmonkey: EXACTLY.
BUBZ for you!

outwar60102861d ago

most people dont have the courage to do stand up to their own leaders what makes you think they would revolt against activision?? actually every pirated cod game is in its own right a revolt against activision

jack_burt0n2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

Activision has become the worst publisher in the industry to work for, thats aleady a good start in this consumer - corporate war.

Gamers are sinking the smaller activision franchises, dont buy the products, simple as that.

fatstarr2861d ago

The death of activision is near...

Kon2861d ago

It is not, they still have WoW.

Stephen55432861d ago

Blizzard is a part of Activision, but because of the way their deal is structured out, Activision can go under regardless of how well Blizzard is doing. They had the same kind of deal with their previous owners. Look it up.

VenomProject2861d ago

You all know it's coming.

Kotick and his band of Huns can't help themselves.

BubbleSniper2861d ago

they running the company into the ground. and while it seem like they are making a killing they can actually only go down from here.

people get tired of things. CoD only has so much left in itself.

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