GCDC: "Cross-platform floodgates will open in 2008" says Microsoft

Online-only gamer achievements planned.

Microsoft today unveiled its roadmap for PC and Xbox 360 cross-platform gaming, predicting that "the floodgates will open" for software playable across the two formats by 2008.

Speaking in a session at the Games Convention Developer Conference in Leipzig, Microsoft UK third-party account manager Steven Blackburn offered delegates an update on the firm's Xbox Live service. He also provided details of future plans for marketplace, Live Arcade and the Vista and 360-linking Live Anywhere service.

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Indigo5378d ago

M$ is not stupid, they know damn well sony has the market share so they use what resources they have. The pc market is huge! linking the 360 with vista is only going to allow them to expand even further, something they we not able to do last generation. I'm not pro M$ I have a ps1 and ps2, but M$ is showing they have the money, resources, and software to stick around if not take over the #1 spot in the console war. Sony fanboys will soon be using Xbox live while quietly addmiting to themselves that sony does not rule the world.

Dick Jones5378d ago

1st. Opens flood gates to virus's, Lag Hackers and other kinds of hacking manipulation.
2nd. More people without headsets and having Mouse & Keyboards.
3rd. Think Live can get bogged down now? Just wait for 08.

Eternal E 8085378d ago

no one said that you need or dont need to play with PC gamers yett and as for hacks,lag and virus's i dont think M$ was born yesterday.

G_CodeMonkey5378d ago

While they weren't born yesterday, they are still patching Windows like they're trying to bail water. You have to admit the addition of the PC side will add increased risks and his point is also the added bandwidth used. Personally, I see no need to game on my PC any longer since I've got my lovely 360s (x2). C&C3 is going to rock on my bigscreen, as well as Gears. I like their strategic vision, but Jones comment is valid. It doesn't translate quite as well as an MP3 player, since I'm sure they won't be giving away multiplatform versions of the software, even though you've bought it for your 360. Still, a very satisfied 360 owner. gCM

Dick Jones5377d ago

Wasn't born yesterday, yet windows is riddled with bugs, crashes and blue screens of death. 360's have the red rings of death and M$ has failed miserably not once but twice in Japan. If you think M$ is not fallable, try reading a book on them. Perhaps something a little more close to home for you like opening the xbox or that new 360 one too. They've made some dumb choices and supported some crappy software and hardware. They've gotten lucky with xbox, but don't take my word for it. Read a book.

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