Sociological Look At Multiplayer Attitudes

There is a lot of racism, nationalism and homophobia brought to multiplayer games. I want to look at the gaming community and gamers from a sociological standpoint. If lost while reading this article, please refer to my “Your Multiplayer is Touching my Single Player” article.

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Grlpants2808d ago

The article Tonya references in this piece is "Your Multiplayer is Touching my Single Player" Link provided below for reference!

ATiElite2808d ago

This was a good article that details the huge amount of "immature and ignorant" people who love to "act out" during online gaming.

I feel for girl gamers cause even on the PC in some FPS, instead of enjoying the game, guys will just try to hit on them over voice chat which is LAME!! But for the most part PC online gaming is pretty mature, still you have "Net Rage" every now and then or two tools arguing over something but it's pretty chill.

Xbox Live is just a horrible display of the racist homophobe and ignorant suburban youth of America. I don't know about PSN cause after Xbox Live i chose no to listen.

jib2807d ago

you should give other games a chance. some communities are much better than others

i've put 400+ hours into BC2 & very rarely run into immature douchebags. its surprisingly quiet actually

SeanScythe2808d ago

I call this Gamerphobia, which is the fear that losers have of being called names and made fun of by people they don't even know in real life.

Please if you can't handle getting bashed online you will never make it in the real world.

"You're a Racist!!" No I just know what to say to get you mad at me so that you don't pay attention to what you are doing.

It's called trash talking and it works and can be quite fun when you get someone that can't handle it on a roll.

Grlpants2808d ago

Sometimes people just want to play a game and not trash talk. You can't hold it against someone if they don't want to be offended when they play a game.

SeanScythe2808d ago

Then mute that person is it really that hard?

oli2806d ago

yea, you could mute the person. but in real life can you mute a person? no, unless you deck 'em hard in the face. trash talking isnt bad until the person trash talks about something you cant help. SeanScythe you would think like that, just look at your default

rezzah2807d ago

Gaming online can be a form of escape. A way to relieve one's stress.

Not make it worse...

--------2807d ago


That's why I feel sorry for people who rage over games and punch holes in walls. They're completely missing the point of what they're supposed to be doing - enjoying themselves.

timemuffin2806d ago

You sir are an absolute moron. Making racist or homophobic comments to get in peoples head make you a racist and a homophobe. I don't play online shooters and jerkoffs like yourself are precisely the reason. "Gamerphobia" what a laugher. Do you honestly think that the fear of losing and being belittled by a group teenagers or unemeployed redneck right wing simpletons means anything to me? I just don't want to hear it. After a long day of being a successful and productive member of society the last thing I want to do is hear your uninformed thoughts on the who or why or what of anything.

SeanScythe2808d ago ShowReplies(1)
--------2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )


Where ever you go, someone will try and give you shit. In game or in the real world, someone always wants to fuck with you.

Solution? Look past it and enjoy what they're missing. Whilst they spend their time screaming into a headset and getting worked up, you just laugh it off and enjoy yourself.

People who join games and trash talk are ALWAYS, mark my words - always overcompensating for something. Mute them, and they're just left shouting at themselves. That's the equivalent of a crazy old woman shouting at traffic, hilarious and tragic at the same time.

Want to blow off some steam by playing some video games before you go out with your real world friends? Go for it. The guy that's calling you a slut, n word, cracker etc. will be doing that all night - screaming obscenities at non-existent pixels in his single apartment/mothers basement.

DanteKnightsTemplar2807d ago

People dont have a choice about their race or gender. Sexuality, apparently we do. In any case, I do have a problem with people that want to shove their chosen sexuality in my face. Like when their names say gay_Johnny199X Or Homo_sx_rulez etc. Keep it to yourselves. Dont Ask, Dont Tell.

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