It doesn't pay to be a gaming early adopter

Which? Conversation: Both Nintendo and Sony are releasing new handheld consoles this year. So should you purchase a console on day one – or is it going to be quickly overshadowed by a new-improved version?

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SuperStrokey11232810d ago

Of course not, we pay to BE early adopter. If i buy a gen 1 of an item i get it for usually a year or more before the next version comes out.

Technology advances and prices drop, its the nature of things.

pangitkqb2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

The idea that being an early adopter is bad is NOT universally true. Being an early PS3 adopter (right after the first price drop and during a sale) I got the original 60 gig for $400 brand new. I love it because it has four USB ports, multiple card slots, and FULL BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY. My PS3 (now expanded to 320 gig) was a great early adoption.

On the other hand, several friends spent big bucks on the first iPhones. They then upgraded to the 3GS, again for extra $$. I waited until the iPhone4 and it was a great decision to wait.

The point is, use your head and make good judgement calls on whether to adopt early or not.

MintBerryCrunch2810d ago

after seeing the kind of support both the 3DS and the NGP will be getting, then there is nothing bad about it....Nintendo has gotten strong 3rd party support along with their storied franchises...Sony has a lot of its 1st party exclusives getting some love on the NGP along with 3rd party support as well....even tho i am not a fan of CoD, it is a seller and millions of people enjoy it...hopefully it can transition well from console to handheld

kaveti66162809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

but iphone 4 suffers from network problems

superadvanced2810d ago

actually it paid to be an early ps3 adopter because the 60 gig ps3 is still the most advanced ps3 model released because of the card reader and 4 usb and ps2 silicon on board (better ps2 bc). and i have a 320 gig hdd in it. obviously this isn't always the case but it was this time.

Shadow Flare2810d ago

Well I bought my ps3 on launch day, and in my eyes have the best ps3 model because I was an early adopter. Backwards compatibility, 4 USB ports, all the card readers, brilliant. So that certainly paid off be an early adopter

saint_john_paul_ii2810d ago

yup, the 60gb PS3 is still the best PS3.

miyamoto2810d ago

absolutely i wish i had the 60GB PS3 too instead of the slim

hamburger1232810d ago

I miss my white PS3......

RedDead2810d ago

I have the 80GB unfortunately, I waited too long, ah well, I saved about €170, bought the 80GB and bought a ps2 for €30

€460 instead of €630

joydestroy2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

@Shadow Flare

yeah in that instance we benefited. also, when you look at trade-in value for ours in comparison to the other newer models on amazon, our has held it's value the best.

jidery2810d ago

I got the 80gig with the BC, best value IMO.

ugabugaz2810d ago

Feel the same way, Shadow. I'm loving my nearly Launch 60GB :). Of course my original launch got the YLOD two years ago, so right now I got a refurb (The one Sony sent me), which is actually a lot better. It's japanese made as opposed to my stock, which was chinese.

gamingdroid2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

You have the best console, because the manufacturer later downgraded the newer consoles instead of upgrading like most companies do.

I wish my 40GB Metal Gear Solid Gunmetal Grey had BC. I even paid $650 bux for it after tax straight from Konami shipped on launch day.

Apocalypse Shadow2810d ago

same launch ps3 is still the best ps3.

it cost $600 but it has PAID me back in spades to be an early adopter.

so true shadow..

schlanz2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

Hmm... well I got my slim for $299 and never had a PS2 library to worry about.. and there were a TON of AAA games at that point which were ridiculously cheap ($20 or so).

Paid off for me to wait in that case.

Really, being an early adopter obviously doesn't save you any money, and rarely does a first model have as many features as future models (as in the first PS3 models.. which is literally the only exception I think anyone can remember.)

But hell, no one is buying early to save money.

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retro2810d ago

It's in the nature of things when you're an early adopter. You pay probably more but get things before others.

divideby02810d ago

stupid article...
I have been lucky enough to get all consoles on launch since intellivsion (many around here dont even know what that is).
Even with the N64, with is paltry launch lineup, getting the console early and playing Mario xmas am... epic gaming moment
Same with the PS2 playing SSX at launch... total lol fun.
With the PS3 launch unit having full hardware BC, worth every penny it cost me.. Still playing ZOE, TM, SSX and other classic titles and not costing me nothing for those games

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