What Goes Around Comes Around: More on the inFAMOUS 2 Karma System

I think most of us at Sucker Punch have noticed the days starting to blur together a bit. So while I had a quiet moment here on Southwest Flight 651, I thought I’d put the time to good use and give you an update on our progress with I2 (inFAMOUS 2) … Ken’s post from last week got the ball rolling, let’s see if I can spill some more beans on the Karma system…

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Cloudberry2831d ago

I love the improved graphics and Nix's super power; summoning flaming black snakes from the ground.

Looking forward to it.

visualb2831d ago

did he just lift the car he was on and throw it at enemies from under him?! =O


and does this spell co.op?! =O

Commander_TK2831d ago

Damn it, I miss Cole's old voice. What did they have to change the voice actor?

UnSelf2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

yea i miss that actually more than his look. for some reason voices hold more of an attachment to me than a look does.

whatever the case, i quickly forgot about it while watchin these awesome trailers

i love how one of the enemies trapped in a tornado still managed to fire off a rocket

akiraburn2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

I definitely agree, while the gameplay, the visuals, and nearly everything is looking drastically improved (on what was already a very impressive original game), the original voice actor for Cole is something I feel is extremely important that this is sadly lacking. They said it was due to them wanting to capture a more "natural" experience with their motion capture crew, so that the same guy who's doing the voice acting would also be doing the stunts (similar to Uncharted with Nolan North, Emily Rose, and Rich McGonagle).

However I believe it would be just as easy to have the new actor perform the lines on the mo-cap set, and then re-dub them in the studio with the original voice actor. It's a disappointment to me, not having the original actor. It would be like, if Nolan North all the sudden wasn't playing Nathan Drake. If you played the original inFAMOUS, the original voice actor (James Cottle) is a person who's voice you've almost assuredly identified as Cole, and the new guy (or maybe the new voice that James is trying) just isn't close enough to even having the same attitude from what I've heard so far.

Anyway, as for release date, I found an interesting tidbit that seems to make some sense as to a release window. Right now, over at Subway's website, they're hosting a game that is a giveaway for different products, including early copies of Playstation Move Heroes and Infamous 2. Now they don't have any official dates, however one thing I noticed is that they're also giving away DLC for Infamous 2 and Playstation Move Heroes. I ended up winning one of the DLC packs for inFAMOUS 2, and it said that the code I was given would expire in July, so it's safe to assume it's coming before then. Given that they've got that and Move Heroes both up for grabs for people to get them before release, I wouldn't be surprised if we see a release as early as April/May.

nickjkl2830d ago

no akira it would not be easy

firing some one
hiring some one else
deleting everything that the old actor did
recreating every line and motion
making it fit with the game

just get used to it people complained about the first cole they changed him for infamous 2 people complained about that and they had to continue changing him

they should of got used that gamers dont know what the hell they want and they have the inability to like one thing

akiraburn2830d ago

@nickjkl, actually, I think you might have misinterpreted what I was talking about. I speaking in hypotheticals, about what they could have done to begin with, and was providing a sound reason as an alternative about their reasoning to bring in a new voice actor. Their problem was that they wanted a more natural performance for their motion and dialogue with Cole, and that's why they switched to this new person. My idea that I was referring to, was still using the new actor to perform everything for the mo-cap, as well as performing the lines on the stage, but then having the old voice actor for Cole to come in and re-dub the lines they used on the mo-cap stage.

This would not involve him having to do anything aside from entering the recording studio, and laying down the same lines that were performed by the mo-cap actor. This is a common practice that would have been done anyway with the mo-cap actor, because the majority of lines (if not all of them) used while filming the mo-cap would mostly be scrapped anyway. This is because the dialogue can't be recorded clearly and audibly in most cases, as well as having a lot of background bleed-through on the mics.

So all things considered, it was/is entirely possible and wouldn't entail almost any more work than what it's taken to get this set of dialogue for Cole into the game. No one would have gotten fired, nothing would be deleted, and nothing would have to be fitted or recreated any different if they initially tried this.

If we're speaking hypothetically about them implementing the original voice actor now though, since there already has been dialogue recorded, they would have to do a set of replacements for each line of dialogue, so in this case some deleting would take place, but again, no one would be fired and the entire process of putting the new lines in would be easier than you'd imagine. Realistically, all the dialogue could easily be re-recorded, replaced, and implemented in less than a month, and almost all of the team, aside from some of the audio/sound design guys would still be entirely free to continue finishing the game so it would make it out by their deadline.

In any case, the basic premise is, that they would just be using the mo-cap actor's lines as a guideline for the original voice actor to perform to. I hope this clears up any confusion in my comment.

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ThanatosDMC2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

It looks like it could have co-op based on the girl.

Anyway, i hope they keep Meteor as a power. Damn good ability. Launch 15 in the sky then let it rain on enemies.

Love that they kept the Old Cole instead of that random guy.

cobpswii36002831d ago

I know, right! It looks AMAZING! Everything looks top notch! The animations, the gameplay, the powers, the lip syncing and facial animations! And the graphics... best looking open world game ever!!! Can't fucking wait!!!!!

Redempteur2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Very good.
it'll be hard to choose if i plan to be a goo dguy or a bad guy this time..both looks excellent .

Love the part when cole just make the car fly when he is on top of it just to throw it at your ennemies.


the choice is obvious....BOTH! that was one of my
favorite parts of infamous, being able o play through as the good guy, then finishing and
playing as the bad guy >:) it's like having two
games in one!

Double_Oh_Snap2831d ago

Looks incredible such a jump from inFAMOUS, cant wait for this.

Alpha_Gamer2831d ago

Need to rename the title to 2 new gameplay videos to get people to click because these vids show off new and amazing stuff.

Cajun Chicken2831d ago

And to think I had worries about this sequel with the lack of media compared to Uncharted 2...

This is going to be a hell of a lot of fun.

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