Top 4 Horror Games That Deserve Remakes (GameBlurb)

GameBlurb writes, "Let’s clear the air first, friends. This is in no way a definitive compilation. Hell, I don’t even think a list of four can be called a compilation. These are simply games apart of the horror genre that slipped through the cracks of time and have been either forgotten entirely by fans that have moved on or didn’t hit it big because their concepts were stronger than their execution. I wanted to remind you of them or, better yet, introduce you to them."

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MicrocutsX22831d ago

I never heard about The Hunter, might have to see if its still in stores.

TheSleepyGamer2831d ago

The Hunter series was great fun back on the Xbox. It may feel slightly outdated now its definately worth playing.

jaidek2831d ago

Resident Evil: Outbreak was a game that was ahead of its time. A multiplayer, cooperative based RE game on the PSN would be perfect.

JamestheScruffy2831d ago

RE: Outbreak might almsot work on the 3DS as well...

Bay2831d ago

I demand a new current-gen Dino Crisis :D That game was just way too fun.