Halo 3 Limited Edition Tin could contain damaged disc?

If you've purchased a copy of the Halo 3 Limited Edition Tin then you may want to have a check inside before you take it home because there could be some very nasty scratches on the disc, according to several reports from Neogaf users.

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DrRage774042d ago

okay, can we seriously start getting some sort of ban on these stupid people that are approving these fake stories???

if anyone actually takes the time to READ THE "ARTICLE", it says that one person had ordered 3 limited editions of Halo3 3, and all three were scratched badly......really? can someone please tell me how this person got a hold of 3 limited edition Halo3 games when the game is NOT RELEASED YET???? this is pure BS, i hate when sony fanboys group together to approve this time of stuff, and then more sony fanboys jump on it and start commenting on this "article"......GET A LIFE SONY FANBOYS!!!

Lumbo4042d ago

I would like to see how you attempt to BAN an N4G ADMINISTRATOR on n4g .... buy a bunch of chill-pills

gololo4041d ago

@DrRage77 Comment on the story...not on the fanboy crap...and I am sure that my Halo3 copy will be unscratched

tehcellownu4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

You do know at some places they are selling it early?? Xbots fans already got used into buying things that is defective, so i dont none of them will care...just like

big_tim4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

I just got mine from a local store that I used to manage and almost all of the Limited edition versions have been scratched. I saw the case and there isn't a snapping part to hold the DVD in place. There are spongy pieces holding it in. The DVD was either coming loose or spinning around causing scratches.

I got the regular version instead. Check my gamertag for proof.

Seraphim4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

well, I was just at Walmart. Was going to see about getting Halo 3 tonight maybe. Didn't really want to [rather play Bioshock, Blue Dragon and Heavenly Sword atm], but decided to check out what was going on. Out of 35 copies they got in 9 had already been returned. The 10th return came in while I was there and they had one Limited Edition left. The guy shook the case, yep, it's probably scratched to, opened it up and sure as ... it was. So 11 of the 35 Limited Editions Walmart got in were scratched and that's assuming everyone else's is fine or that now one else returns theirs tomorrow. On the limb of which to buy I opted to pass on the regular version and wait it out. Maybe if MS offers a replacement for scratched discs I'll order/buy the Limited Edition [which I'd like to have]. But there's obviously a problem with the discs, and I saw the case. They might as well have just double stacked the discs again because this solution was/is AWFUL...

Texas GMR4041d ago

...bought two limited editions tonight at Walmart and both were scratched. So I bought the regular one instead. That sucks because I thought the tin looked pretty decent.

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not impressed14042d ago

how do you know its fake, and you just assusme its sony fanyboys. anyways
im gonna check mine for sure at midnight tonight just in case wouldnt want to get home with a broken copy of halo 3

DrRage774041d ago

well, considering that the game is not out yet, that leads me to believe the "story" is fake....another thing, even if someone had gotten a hold of a disc, how is it possible for them to get a hold of 3 discs??? not even gaming magazines get 3 copies of Halo3 per person...that is how you can logically figure it out it is fake.....

and how do i know this is probably a story from some sony fanboys? well, considering this garbage of a story had already been approved and up several days ago, would lead anyone to beleive that only sony fanboys would try to get this on here a second time within a week

so according to anyone that thinks this is true, if i start posting stories about how i just received copies of MGS4 or Killzone2 and all the discs were cracked and scratched, i assume you would completely beleive me on that, huh? yeah, that's what i thought.....

also, aside from the fact that the game disc does NOT have a microsoft logo that is on EVERY xbox360 game on the inner clear plastic ring, PLUS the fact that there is only a picture of the BACK of the game, how hard do you think it is to say you have a game disc and it is scratched WITHOUT providing any real proof, let alone having 3 discs???? give me a break guys......i can easily make a picture of the back of a disc, call it Killzone2, print out a leaflet to make it look like a manual and then be set. also, i believe the cases for Halo3 are green....funny how the picture has a black case, huh? yeah, once again, real believeable.....

gololo4041d ago

@DrRage77 again
I don't think the box is green since this is the tin metallic dude stop, no one is bashing halo, no one is saying anything except some people have scratched do they get them? Don't know but there are some people that have it already.

DrRage774041d ago

well, al i am asking for is that there is some kind of actual proof for something that is called a "story" before it is approved. there are no pictures of the front of the game to show that it is a Halo3 disc, or even of the entire case, or the supposed 3 discs the person already that too much to ask for, a little bit of proof on a story like this?????

Proxy4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

The worse that happens is that the story floats around for a day then is gone. A reader may open their tin at the store and find it scratched, and they've thus been saved some heartach by having read this.

Either was it's not the end of the world.

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WilliamRLBaker4042d ago

>_< CD? lol
any ways I've had many games with multiple cds'dvds where it was stacked on a taller triple ridge prong, and had no problem, Heres the deal...STOP SHAKING YOUR PACKAGE!

Lumbo4042d ago

You will have a hard time avoiding that when you mail-order it.
Thats the main reason i never mail-order special editions but pick em up in a local gameshop instead. Thus i have not bought a scratched one to date.

Agree to you though

Percy4041d ago

If this is true you should work for Microsoft. Its automatically the owners fault. don't move the console, don't place it near anything else, don't play it on its side. you cant blame everything on the user.

MyNameIsNotRick4041d ago

Trust me. Your package takes a beating.

diatom4042d ago

Probably bogus, especially since the game isn't out yet... That being said, ALWAYS check your disks, I've had plenty of sealed boxes containing disks with scratches or missing disks all together and your friendly game store employees arn't always enthusiastic about replacing them.

toughNAME4042d ago

one guy, says 3 discs have problems

we've already had this story a couple days ago

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