Gaming Music FM: Episode 6 - Katamari Damacy just released their newest episode of Gaming Music FM and they spend their time talking about Katamari Damacy. Here is how they describe the show:

"Gaming Music FM is back for another outrageous episode and this week the gang talks about the outrageously entertaining Katamari Damacy. Join Brian, Darryl, and very special guest Stevo “Level 99” Bortz (host of Overclocked Afterdark) as they lose their minds over this soundtrack. If you think the music from KD is off the walls, this podcast follows suit with great discussion and wild tangents. The Maestro makes his appearance to cast judgment on the OST and Homestar Runner joins the fray to promote Gaming Union. Believe us, this is the best GMFM episode to date and you will NOT want to miss it!"

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mephman2809d ago

Great game, great episode, great guest.

ShawnCollier2809d ago

*starts singing the catchy theme in his head*

Hardedge2809d ago

Oh I love Katamari Damaci! The music was so great.