Halo 3's the new Bioshock - 10/10 review scores across the board, but...

Xboxer plays the skeptic:

Eurogamer giving it 10/10... 1Up giving it 10/10... Games Radar giving it 10/10 as well...

It's pretty hard to find a Halo 3 review that's totally positive, though...

Most reviews, in fact, read more like decent 9/10s or, dare we suggest it, solid 8s. Is the gaming world just too scared to give Halo 3 a poor score? Or is it really that good? Or are you just waiting for PGR4 and don't give a toss either way?

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Saint Sony4096d ago

oooh, speculation.. interesting. NOT.

Just play the damn game and experience it yourself.

nekon4094d ago

I was looking at your stupid avatar and it got me thinking.. My PS3 is still here and going strong from [email protected], to gaming, to the free PSN it's doing great.. How many fanboys 360's do you think will RLOD today because of Halo 3? HA HA HA! Seriously though, every worthwhile title gets blamed for killing 360s (*enter game name here* killed my 360!?!).. This is Halo, this is the single exclusive that matters to all the shooter fans, I mean 360 owners.

My point is I can't imagine what the failure rate will become.. It's just ironic that you think Halo is going to kill off the PS3, while the truth is it'll probably generate the most coffins mailed by M$ for a single title. I for one plan on keeping my recent refurb 360 safe and skip Halo 3 all together.

DaEnforcer4096d ago

Looks like some xbots actually have a brain.

dale14096d ago

back handers are a wonderful thing

ceedubya94095d ago

The reviewers aren't just reviewing the game based on how its campaign is. Its the TOTAL game. Just about every one of the reviews has said that although the game has its shortcomings in single player, the wealth of things to do and multiplayer portion of the game more than make up for that.

DaEnforcer4095d ago

Don't come up with multiplayer buddy, there are actually more people who ain't have Live Gold than the ones who have. So most gamers will get just a 6 hour game.

Ignorant Fanboy4095d ago

You dont have to have Live to play multiplayer.

Theres splitscreen and System Link. We do it all the time.

Dont hate just because you are jealous.

johnnywit4095d ago

Yeah Ignorant,

Tell it like it is!! Bubble up Homie!!

jaja14344095d ago

Now its down to 6 hours! It was 8 yesterday, will its be 4 tomorrow... Wait and find out on N4G!!!

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CRIMS0N_W0LF4095d ago

How dare game reviewers give Halo same score as HL2? Now thats a Master Piece not Halo. I played 1 and 2 and found them boring. I played Halo 3 Beta and found it even more lame.

The BS Police4095d ago

Master Chief > some nerdy scientist with a crowbar.

Rooted_Dust4095d ago

The story behind MC may be greater than Gordon Freeman, especially since the part of Gordon is silent, but the Half-Life series has always trumped Halo as far as any PC gamer is concerned. Not that it really matters, does it?

Mikey_Gee4095d ago (Edited 4095d ago )

I really do like the Halo games (1&2) and have had Halo 3 pre-ordered for a long time now .... BUT ..... I must admit ... I am a MUCH LARGER fan of Half Life and have even more of a kid at Christmas feeling about HL2 Orange Box coming out at start of October.

LUCKY FOR ME ... having my 360 will allow me to enjoy BOTH of these awsome games, even if I will enjoy HL probably a bit more ... MAYBE ... once I get both in my hand to play I will get back to you.

I LOVED HL1 and HL2 ... look forward to the new episodes.


PS ... @ Wolf ... that pic is fricken great man !!!

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