Push-Start Review - Dead Space 2

The original Dead Space is a rather hard act to follow; a lone new IP cast out into a harsh uncaring market, one where anything that doesn’t have a big number at the end of its name is usually destined for failure, especially if it’s trying to do something unique. But I suppose the secret to Dead Space’s success was that it didn’t really do anything we hadn’t seen before, it was mostly just lots of tried and tested mechanics copied from other games and a good few movies. What really earned it that catalogue of awards and impressive sales figures where the enormous production values it demonstrated in every aspect of its execution. But sadly it’s a level of quality that a lot of the other Dead Space products since then have failed to even come close to. As such, I was really beginning to have doubts that Visceral Entertainment would be able to pull it all off a second time around with Dead Space 2. I think I managed to put those doubts to rest at roundabout the same time I bl...

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