LittleBigPlanet is a system seller, says analyst

Media Molecule's LittleBigPlanet could be a driving force in improving PlayStation 3 sales early next year, according to Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter.

Speaking exclusively to from the Tokyo Game Show, Pachter said the highly-anticipated game from the makers of Rag Doll Kung Fu should appeal to a family audience - something that Sony and rival Microsoft have so far failed to capture with their next-generation machines.

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Saint Sony4042d ago

No doubt the game will be brilliant, but it needs something more than this to sell overhyped/rated expensive piece of ... PS3. <-- yep it is becoming a bad word.

THC CELL4042d ago

this guy must think halo will kill ps3

not a chance buddy

LBP looks awesome and may start something new

Agreed that they need better

i say metal gear solid and killzone will be a system seller

MrSwede4042d ago

I really don´t want to fight, I seriously don´t but I have to comment on your avatar. 25th, which is tomorrow, is when Halo 3 comes right? I firmly believe, and many with me, that playing it will increase the number of crashed 360´s and yet you got the guts to have an avatar like that?

nekon4042d ago

Agreed. Whenever a notable title comes out more systems RLOD. You'll know when the "insert game name here has killed my 360" threads start popping up everywhere. I doubt HALO 3 will be any different, with the hype train M$ is pushing for that game the bots must feel if they don't play it till RLOD they've failed M$.. I won't be sending another 360 in for RLOD for Halo 3, I never enjoyed the series more then playing with a few people. I haven't bought a single copy of any Halo title, and don't plan on changing that.. It never interested me as a gamer.. and trust me I am a gamer, I've sent in my share of RLOD 360s.

While I think they'll see an increase in sales from Halo it won't be showing much.. There's still first gen xbots on the fence who play Halo 2. This is the single title they've been waiting for. I doubt this thing will effect Sony at all.. It effects other games and releases, but not the PS3.

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Wolfmoonstrike4042d ago

I think the game will be wicked I mean the possibilities are endless man I'm glad I picked up the ps3. I only bought ps3 for final fantasy 13s but HS,LBP, and others are just icing on the cake. thank you media molecule for inovation may you prosper but never lose sight of your values.

lockload4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

Brilliant game but unles the PS3 is $250 it isnt going to appeal to a casual market, i frankly find it ridiculous that patcher thinks someone will buy a $499 PS3 for a casual game

We cant forget that the majority of PS2's were sold when it was $199 and under there is a long time until the PS3 will be $199

sajj3164042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

I don't think this game is 100% targeted to a casual audience because I wouldn't put this game in the same category as Viva Pinata. This is a title driving their concept of user driven content. It should still appeal to gamers but at this point in time, it is NOT a system seller. It has been hyped but within the gaming comminity. It hasn't hit one of the targeted markets, the casual gamer. If Sony were smart, they'd start marketing this thing hard, otherwise its going to be a brilliant title that hardly makes a dent.

Kaneda4042d ago

I am not a hardcore gamer... I just think PS3 goes well w/ my HDTV...

MrSwede4042d ago

I agree, lockload. It´s not a system seller alone, however LBP along with Eye of Judgement and Singstar will attract casual gamers and sell systems.

chester4042d ago

LBP was the pretty much sole reason that I bought a PS3, but i also got it at a time when i could get $350 off by trading in old original xbox games. no way i was paying $600 at that time. so although it was 10 months before it actually comes out, LBP sold me my console.

tehcellownu4042d ago

Sony need to drop the price to at least to 399..Littlebigplanet can be a big system seller with MGS4, Ratchet and clank, uncharted gran turismo Final fantasy and etc..I would advise sony to keep exclusive games from now on because people want a game that they cant play on any other system.. 2008 looks the best for them..

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SpenserTracy4042d ago

I love PS3. I played Heavenly Sword and the graphics and computing power is awesome. However it's sort of true that even though the PS3 is a powerful console offering quality components and the beautiful Blu-Ray, it is to expensive to sell to young gamers. They have to cut price or and release a console with less usb ports. Smaller HD and so on. I think the analysts are right this time.
But for me that works and can afford it, its the best you can get in gaming experience.

ceedubya94042d ago

It definitely seems like a dream come true for most of us hardcore gamers, but it seems a little to complicated and time consuming for your every day casual gamer.

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