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Yi-Long2807d ago

... that means we will be getting a new mediocre GTA each and every year, plus lots of DLC-milking.

I'm sure every GTA-gamer would LOVE that(!)


Activision should just keep their greedy sweaty palms to themselfs, instead of buying up great studios and licenses, sucking them dry, before running them into the ground.

Yi-Long2807d ago

... but we can still fear it :)

guigsy2807d ago

I dunno, Two Two being bought out has been on the cards for a while. The revenue they earn from Call of Duty is bound to go somewhere.

arjman2807d ago

No please, just no!

Activision just stop buying every (formerly) good developer, PLEASE!

We don't like you!

ATiElite2807d ago

Call of Grand Theft Auto Duty: San Andreas Warfare 3....

Nope wont happen. That's like Apple selling the iphone to Microsoft.

LA Noire is gonna bring innovation to gaming with it's detective aspect. GTA is forever. RDR is also a hit plus R* has the nack to make great new IP's

Ultraplayerxp2806d ago

As big as Take-Two is, Activision is bigger. They can make this happen if they want to. But I fear for the industry if it does.

blumatt2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

I wish Sony would buy Take Two. Man, I'd kill for a PS3 exclusive GTA 5, set it San Andreas again, but with a map 5 times larger and much better graphics than GTA 4.

Inside_out2806d ago

The day is coming very soon when consoles will be a thing of the past. The only thing that will exist is the games and the companies that publish them.

This is and would be a very big/smart move by Activision. EA had the same idea but failed because GTA was done and there was no way Take Two was going to sell it BEFORE it launched...the timing was all wrong. It's different right now and it sounds like Activision is serious about it.

It's like sports...when you see a team making cap room, you can bet a big deal is in the works. My question is...where the heck is the multi-BILLION dollar M$ while all this is going on??? They really need to buy Activision and Take 2 and/or EA.

Gaming will very soon be an icon on a menu on your TV/monitor. If you want Halo, Forza click M$ logo...COD click the Activision logo...Madden, click EA...etc,etc...if you don't think so, your not paying attention...Activision is seeing the obvious trends and they want to dominate. Expect them to bid hard on ALL EA's sports licences for this exact reason.

kornbeaner2806d ago

The reason it won't happen is because MS and Sony are both Manufactures and Publishers, they make money on both ends, As Much money as CoD:BO made, I'm pretty sure MS made more money for themselves with Halo:Reach, Just like Sony made more Money on UC:2 then with black Ops. Don't be so quick to discount the interest of other companies involved when money is the key interest. I'm pretty sure neither Sony nor MS are willing to give up that piece of the pie they get from being able to use their product to make money. MS has X360 with their monthly/yearly XBL subscription. Sony has PS3, PSP, Blu-Ray and now PSN+. Both these companies are in no rush to let go of these products.

Shaman2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

Oh my God no please no! :( stupid Activision...ruining the gaming fucking bastards!

But reason to panic.Knowing R* games,their hardheaded attitude and bringing gaming perfections to us gamers all they would do is issue a official statement in these lines:"Thank you but we are not interested...and oh yea,fuck you Kottick"

Gamer_Z2806d ago

Well im not buying GTA anymore =/

DOMination2806d ago

Rockstar only have a deal with take2 until 2012 anyway

frostyhat1232806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )


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EYEamNUMBER12807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

if they didn't wanna be bought out by EA before i don't see why now would be any different

take two is owned by uh zenimax right?
zenimax has actually been buying quite a few devs lately then all of a sudden they would just sell everything to activison?
i don't think so

P1NKY2807d ago

They better not. I don't want Activision Milking GTA and running it into the ground like they have with every other game.

Activision should just stick to milking COD.

FailOverHero2807d ago

Call of Duty: Grand Theft AK47
I like it

TheTruth892807d ago

nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooo

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