The Death of a Game: Indiana Jones

GameSector writes: Perhaps one of the most famous adventure heroes of all time, Indy’s journeys have taken him from the Peruvian jungle to the Himalayas. With a slew of video games already in existence, along with four movies, books, and even a television show behind it, it’s rather surprising a next-gen title hasn’t dropped already.

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Kon2809d ago

I thought uncharted was the new indiana jones?

VenomProject2809d ago

Who the hell is this "Indiana Jones?"

-Superman-2809d ago

Uncharted is not indiana jones

Uncharted is shooting, action adventure game
Indiana Jones is puzzle, action adventure game

I really loved last gen Indiana Jones.

Dojan1232809d ago

Believe it or not.... I just rented Uncharted 2. Played for the first time last night. I can not believe I waited so long to play it. Last night I told my wife that the game is modern Iniana Jones. Funny to read @Kon today.

Inside_out2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

...and is in development limbo right now BUT with the news that Harrison Ford has signed on for another Indiana Jones movie, you can expect a movie tie game to release at the same time.

How will it look...well, alot like this other Lukas Arts game I would say...

That game engine looks perfect for the next title. time I pointed that tid bit out, there was an uproar around here. I like this video hear of the last Wii Indiana Jones game...notice all the sand...hmmmm...

tweet752809d ago

if you put a harrison ford indiana jones skin on nate drake in ucharted youd have a full blown indiana jones game a great one

stragomccloud2808d ago

I actually liked the Indiana Jones game that came out on Wii. ..........but OH MY GOD! The piano part! What were they thinking! The should not have used motion controls for that! It almost made me hate the game. Most of the gestures were fine... but I must have died a thousand times in near the end of the game on the airship when you have to move around the suspended grand piano! The controls were terrible!