Halo 3: My God, It's Full of Stars

PC World's Matt Peckham - who had less than 24 hours to review Halo 3 and gave the game a score of 85%, (currently the lowest score for Halo 3,) was then ordered by his editor to go to bed and later woke up to find out the game he had given 85% is getting full of stars from everyone else - so he has written an article to clarify his earlier review. Although he digs Halo 3 (i.e., he digs it a smidgen more than he did Gears of War, which got a B+ from him,) his earlier review and complaints for Halo 3 still stand.


Peckham's original review of Halo 3 is listed under "Alternative Sources" as "First Look: Halo 3 is Here".

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JDW4044d ago

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and not everyone has to love the same things.

85% is still a good score, an by no means should be seen as a bad score by anyone.

_insane_cobra4044d ago

Agreed, all this bickering over some scores is ridiculous. Whether someone gave it 8.5 or 10 is of lesser importance, the only thing that really matters is that Halo 3 is obviously a great game that for the most part delivers.

Twizlex4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

Maybe I'm blind or maybe the link doesn't go to the right page, but I don't see an actual review score ANYWHERE on that page. Just curious if any of you are just replying to the news title or if you actually read the "review" because I just don't understand. The dude just said he likes the game, but I don't see an actual review or a score on that page.

EDIT: After searching through the website, I finally found their actual review. Why wasn't that linked instead of this dude's blog ABOUT his review?

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MADGameR4043d ago

Still a bit disappointing. But is'nt for hardcore Halo fans. Halo 1 for me was the best in the series. As it was reviewed, they said it did'nt look as good as they expected it to be. So yeah AGAIN Halo 3 fails to amaze everyone just like Halo 2. Halo 1 is the best in the Halo series. KZ2 just takes the cake and leaves Halo 3 in the dust graphically. Then again, graphics does'nt always matter.

Vavoom4043d ago

Who said anything about Killzone II, why can't you fanboys comment on an article without turning it into a flamewar by making stupid comparisons. We will judge KZ2 when it actually releases, until thing chill with the jealousy and fanboyism.

Have a drink and enjoy the party.

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SL1M DADDY4044d ago

A critic that will give this game what it deserves without fear of public backlash. Halo 3 is another FPS amongst many other FPS's and has a good story to boot. With slightly off base graphics from other games in it's "hype zone" and a short campaign, I see no reason a game like this that brings few new experiences to the table deserves anything greater than a 9. But then again, that is my opinion. My hats off to the review here as they have shown no fear towards Microsoft and their cash cow Halo3.

PumPum4044d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

Good post. I agree with you!
Reviewers should be fair and not give a game a 10 just because of the pressure they might get....
----------------------------- --------------------
Edit: WOW unbelievable someone actually disagrees! Fanboys are insane.

oohWii4043d ago

You know it's okay to be a fanboy, what's annoying is a hypocritical fanboy. The only reason you praised this reviewer is because gave halo3 a lower score and that's what you as a Sony fangirl wanted to see. You claim that it's good to see a reviewer stand his ground and not be afraid of the MS machine. (in so many words) Even though the guy says he like it a little better than GOW, yet he scored it lower. Kind of like saying "I don't eat pizza because I love it!"

Looking back at one of your past post, which are full of fanboy banter I might add, I found this:

"Oh yeah, it too scored higher than Lair. Red Steel was complete and utter crap. The controlls were broken and the game was horrible. Lair is not an 8 or a 9 out of 10 game but it is nowhere near a 4 or a 5. If they wanted to do the readers justice, they could have put down the angst against this title for its inovative controlls that they could not graps for some unknown reason and give it its due. I say the game deserved a 7 for it's awesome graphics, good storyline and it's controlls that for many out there have not been the bane of the games completion. Anybody that rates Red Steel higher than Lair is an idiot - plain and simple. "

Funny how this reviewer didn't get any praise from you. No matter how wrong or right his review was, you were having no part of it. However had this been an XBOX title, you probably would have praised him also. See, how this knocks you credibility flat on its A$$. FANBOY comments are only good to make like fanboys feel better.

A more neutral comment would have been, "Wow, an 8.5, I'm not a halo fan myself, but based on everyone elses posts, I'm curious as to how he came up with an 8.5. I guess every game isn't for everyone."

After reading a post like that, I could only agree with the poster, but in your case, it pure fanboy garbage.

dantesparda4043d ago

Careful, you're sounding kind of fanboyish there yourself too.

uxo224043d ago

I didn't see it that way, I thought oohwii's comment had some validity to it. IT's amazing how the automatic support system on this site works huh?

tmax4043d ago

Just saw it in store. Graphics - o.k nothing special for a next gen game for a next gen console. Gameplay was ok, nothing that hasn't been done before.

As far as I'm concerned it didn't give me the same WOW factor as Halo or GoW did, when they first came out.

It now makes sense on why the spent their money on creative advertising and hype rather than trying to sell the game based on in-game graphics alone, I would have done the same.

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Farsendor14044d ago

yep its a good score its an opinion and im fine with it. halo is a cash cow but its not like they making 100 different halo games to make money. mario?

well anyways im happy that 3 is just around the corner cant wait. no matter what the reviews turn out to be im going to be playing that sucka all week long.

JokesOnYou4044d ago

I'm glad to see most 360 fans are not crying about a few scores that are lower than what we expected or believe Halo3 should get because, at the end of the day we "believe" the game is great and when its all said and done the final scores will support that statement. 85% is not a bad score at all especially coming from "PC World", in fact he even said he liked it a little more than Gears which I think is a awesome game (no shiii, huh)=


toughNAME4044d ago

Yeah the opinions will vary..

i still expect one 4/10 for a site that wants some attention

but keep in mind..85% is still a REALLY good score