Microsoft says no to Wi-Fi for Xbox 360

Microsoft has confirmed that it has no immediate plans to include Wi-Fi in the Xbox 360 console even though it continues to push its online gaming service. "It's down to cost" a spokesperson for the gaming division said before suggesting gamers can spend an additional £60 for the Wi-Fi dongle if they want wireless connectivity.

"We currently include an Ethernet cable and 1 month's free subscription to the Xbox Live service. We don't want people not interested in wireless connectivity having to pay for a technology they don't want."

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bumnut4042d ago

wired all the way for me.

wireless is too slow, especially if you are streaming hd content from a pc.

SonySoldiers4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

No Wi-Fi means old gen. It hurts fanbots, we know it.

gta_cb4042d ago

i would personally rather have wired (Ethernet) over WiFi for ONLINE GAMING. yeh if your going to use a PS3 for playing media, streaming it from your PC then fine its easier with less wires, BUT for online gaming you cant beat wired FACT
oh and your comment "No Wi-Fi means old gen" so does this mean the discontinued PS3 without WiFi was last gen? and the rumored 40GB PS3 if that has no WiFi to cut down on production costs, does that mean it will be last gen as well?...

your comment is nothing more then a fanboy comment and you shouldnt bother. bumnut was simply saying that its better (more reliable and faster) to run wired rather then wireless, and i agree with him. if i didnt i would have gone out and brought the adapter for the 360 but i didnt, and wont.

Marona4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

I completely disagree with everything. Slow on wireless? Stop using a crappy ISP. I just bought an Elite 2 days ago and I have to waste $100 bucks more for a Network Adapter? I won't be getting mines nor LIVE till a whole week, I don't like it especially paying $550 for something a Wii/PS3 can easily do?

gta_cb, not really. Wired & Wireless - both work the same speed(if you do have a problem, your router or ISP has a problem). I have never gotten any issues.

Dareaver14042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

Why does this even matter to you, i really am doubtful that you are going to get a 360 anytime soon. Just call me a skeptic, but anyway, if the 360 official adapter is to expensive for you tastes, then just buy a third party usb adapter. They work just fine. Think of it as this, you pay between 20-40 dollars for a third party wireless adapter, and on the ps3 not, in order to get hd whether component or hdmi, you again will be paying 20-40 dollars. Sounds fair to me, actually no it doesn't, wifi is not needed, but component and hdmi are. Gotcha!

But i don't mind paying for live. I'm sorry, but not to bash Sony, but live is better then PSN. Live gets more demos, gets them earlier, i can download movies (and i have comcast, this is much cheaper than paying for it on demand), i can watch my favorite shows, all games support voice chat, i have achievements that i can compare to my friends. For all of that, 50 bucks a year doesn't sound to bad. And why complain about price, the ps3 is still to expensive for my tastes.

i know if you get all the accessories for the 360, it will cost more than a ps3, but there's the difference. All of that is optional, if i wanted to jump into gaming right now, the best bang for my buck is the 360. I don't have an hdtv, so i don't need the hd-dvd attachment, i don't need a sd card reader and all the other bells and whistles the ps3 comes with. I have a computer for all of that extra stuff.

the only bad decision i think M$ made was by not standardizing the Harddrive, that is a mistake, they should have never made that optional.

GuCCi5124042d ago

but u need to pay for live...

gta_cb4042d ago

"gta_cb, not really. Wired & Wireless - both work the same speed(if you do have a problem, your router or ISP has a problem). I have never gotten any issues."

actually that statement is wrong. if you know about Ethernet you will know that in your Ethernet cable you have 8 wires, two of those wires are to send data, and two other wires are used to receive data. but what are the other 4 wires for? well they are wrapped around the sending and receiving wires to stop as much interference as possible.

now we come to wireless, there are no cables, and if you knew anything you would know that if there are any electrical appliances near your wireless device it can cause interference which can cause errors, and LAGGING!
because of all of this and due to the fact that your wireless router SHOULD be password protected means it will not actually run as fast as Ethernet (wired) which will always have a constant hard wire to send and receive data on

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lockload4042d ago

If a nintendo DS can have wifi the 360 should, it wouldnt cost more than $10 they just want to eek even more money from their fans

gta_cb4042d ago

you dont have to buy the adapter, infact it is a FACT that its more reliable and FASTER to have it wired. if wireless was built into my Xbox 360 i wouldnt use it.

Excalibur4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

in my opinion but it does say "it has no immediate plans to include Wi-Fi" that doesn't mean it never will.

Wolfmoonstrike4042d ago

I don't care what you say about wifi being slow I long gray/black or green cord coming from one room to another is neither attractive nor practical

WilliamRLBaker4042d ago

and you yet again prove your self with another illogical and uninformed statement.

Its not attractive? lets see it is vastly easy to hide the cable, Such options include strinng cable within the walls, under furnintures, along and under wall/floor boards...ect

Practical? really?
Lets See I an go into radio shack right now and buy 500ft of ethernet cat 5,5.e,cat 6 for about 20-40 bux, More then enough to wire every room in the house together.

and you talk about speed? well wifi wont cut it when ur trying to media share high density content like HD...ect Only wired will do.

All so wifi is not expensive you dont have to purchase the wifi adaptor, Alot of 3rd party wifi usb adaptors work, Wireless birdges work, and are affordable at 20-30 bux.

Wolfmoonstrike4042d ago

Illogical to your point of view logical to mine because I can't do some of that stuff. I just don't think its practical for me but keep on flaming, you'll get better at it eventually.

gta_cb4042d ago

your the one that was flaming. it is VERY simple to attach a small wire to the walls going around your house. you was just trying to make it look like WiFi is needed when its not. if i had wireless built in to my Xbox 360 i SERIOUSLY would NOT use it. i will stay with my Ethernet cable that runs around the wall to my router, and by the way i cant see my ethernet cable... wow it looks soo more attractive now i cant see a wire...

NewZealander4042d ago

what does it matter if it has built in wifi or not, my 360 is wired and have no probs with that, since ive had my 360 ive never had to move it so its no prob, its not like a laptop which reaqlly needs to be wifi as I move mine around the room everywhere, but dont move my 360 around the place, and if I did want it to be wifi then I can just buy the add on, yeah cost more money but gives me the option, but im happy I did not have to pay more for the 360 with it built in.

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