onAXIS TGS 2007 Predictions: What Came True

onAXIS: Well, before the start of the game show, we posted some predictions for the show, more than predictions, mostly hopes (grins). Anyway, whatever came true will not be striked out.

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Duke Nukem4067d ago

I was hoping for the update 2.0 to arrive or be announce.
that was my only let down

Farsendor14067d ago

was hoping for

still a bit hope left but not much

Cartesian3D4067d ago

Nothing surprising from any side..

MS had nothing because they prepared for HALO 3 released.. so no offense..

SONY just said sth about 2008 (rumble,HOME...) and some details about GT5 ... some FF trailers!..

I had many hopes for this show.. but right now.. I just concentrate on my works.. c u guys.. good luck.