Nokia Enters ‘strategic Alliance’ with Microsoft, Officially Carrying Windows Phone 7

There you have folks, the two company's are now officially joined at the hip thanks to Former Microsoft executive and now Nokia CEO Stephen Elop.The two company's has formed a "strategic alliance", which means Windows Phone 7 is a go on most of Nokia handsets, Bing and adCenter for search services on devices, and some type of UI on top of WP7 made directly by Nokia. Nokia's Ovi store will be integrated with marketplace, Xbox live and Office mobile to come pre-installed on new Nokia handsets.

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meetajhu2897d ago

This is awesome news. Best hardware designers and best software designers! Revolution!

Passthemic2897d ago

Nokia and Xbox live = Madness :)

captain-obvious2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

i know this is a bet kinda off topic
but i feel that nokia is miss using their spot in the phones market
right now nokia is making phones that copy black berry and Iphone
i mean Nokia back in the day used to lead in that part
now all thy do is copy which is a shame

but i dont know if this is going to change anything
because we all know the history of MS and portable stuff

ComboBreaker2896d ago

This is another big mistake.

badz1492896d ago

Finally Nokia decided to go next gen! TBH the symbian is so yesterday and Nokia is getting more and more irrelevant to the market with iOS and Android rapidly eating market share. I don't think going WP7 is the best move there is but it's a good start.

captain-obvious2896d ago

i dont know why im getting so many disagrees
but what i mean is
nokia is making alot of touch screen phones now a day = iphone wanna bes
and the E71 / E72
is nothing but a black berry knock off

norman292896d ago

Guess i wont be buying another Nokia, i have enough problems with windows on my pc and dont need them on my phone thanks!

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anh_duong2897d ago

i would hardly say that nokia are best hardware designer nor would i say ms as best software engineers.. good, excellent even but not the best

anyways, good move by nokia.. their symbian platform was more or less at a commercial dead end.. nokia was danger of becoming irrelvelent.

ms marketing might and money will help.. windows ought to be better than symbian..

Chris3992897d ago

Nokia was in danger of disappearing off the map entirely.

There's basically two players in mobile space. iOS and Android. MS can't just throw money at the issue as they usually do, because Apple and Google can throw it back. I don't see Windows mobile becoming a viable platform anytime soon. MS has done a good job with the Xbox brand, but a lot of that was fantastic timing and a series of fumbles on Sony's part.

I don't see Google or Apple making any critical mistakes anytime soon. The mobile market is pretty locked down.

FailOverHero2897d ago

Who then would you say is the best software engineer?

anh_duong2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

i have no idea who is the best ( but i certainly wouldn't say microsoft is the best..

i think ms software has too many security problems to say they have the best software engineers.. i use the word excellent and competent but not best..

but you will likely disagree with me because you seem to hate everything that is sony and love everything that is microsoft

vishant1012896d ago

sony doesnt have anything to do with this argument so dont bring them up

gamingdroid2896d ago

MS has some of the fewest bugs per 1000 number of lines of code of any company. They build some of the most difficult software to build, the OS. Only other organization that has better code audit than MS are few and far between. NASA comes to mind.

I'd say they are some of the best software developer int he world isn't too far fetched.

Nokia definitely has one of the highest quality phone hardware of any company. I would pick them over most other manufacturers any day. The Nokia N8 is awesome, but the software leaves a lot to be desired.

This combination is match made in heaven. My next phone might just be a Nokia....

ActionBastard2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

@ gamingdroid
You pulled that out of your ass. MS doesn't disclose ANY code audit information. MS makes *some* great apps for the enterprise, but best software dev in the world? Jesus Christ the shit some people say...

EDIT: Who's the best? No one man, woman or company is. There are tons out there. From Mozilla to VMWare to Apple to Google to MS. They are good, but not THE best.

Fallouts2896d ago

micro not the best in software? that was a joke right right?

tell me who is the best to you, i would like to know...

radphil2896d ago

"MS has some of the fewest bugs per 1000 number of lines of code of any company."

Someone didn't use Vista...

radphil2895d ago

It's funny to see people disagree about Vista, when chances are they didn't even use it, or by some far shot, actually love it....

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PostApocalyptic2896d ago

ew...selling my Nokia now! ebay time!

R2D22896d ago

You should buy a PSP Phone muahahahhahahahahahahahhahahah ahah

Oxymoron0282896d ago

Nokia are terrible hardware designers. Every Nokia me, my family and my friends have owned have fallen apart within a year of having it.

Except for the 3310, that was bomb proof. The N97 Mini is their worst phone ever made.

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GrilledCheeseBook2896d ago

Smart move
Microsoft needs a spark in their partners efforts at making a competitive phone and Nokia was dying with its crappy Symbian

btk2896d ago

I bought my Nokia XpressMusic because it had Symbian and not Windows Mobile. Well - was planning to go for an Android mobile next. After two tries with HTC Windows mobile devices, decided that I will never again get a Windows mobile device. The OS is unstable, resource hog. Symbian is quite light on hardware.

Bye Nokia...

gamingdroid2896d ago

I had a Nokia XpressMusic 5800 and loated it. The piece of crap had the worst user interface ever and was dated. Windows Mobile can be skinned to work well, but stems from the same era. Better, not good enough!

WP7 though is a fantastic minimalistic user interface. Very responsive and I love it. Only complaints, still not fully featured like Android/ios and app is still sparse.

ElementX2896d ago

My first phone was a Nokia, back in '98 when I graduated high school. I bought it because it looked likes the ones Mulder and Scully used.

captain-obvious2896d ago

"My first phone was a Nokia"
me too :D

Highlife2896d ago

Same here. I have had two nokias at the time they were great. My first color screen was a nokia with an SD card that had 24mb. Then they seemed to lose focus and Nokia fell far behind. Good luck to them they are going to need it.

Christopher2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

***There you have folks, the two company's are now officially joined at the hip thanks to Former Microsoft executive and now Nokia CEO Stephen Elop.***

Anyone else groan a bit at this?

Regardless, I'm glad that Nokia is getting the help it needs, but at the same time it's sad that it was in the form of software since it's been their hardware that's needed more work.

@gamingdroid: Yeah, considering they could have kept their system open-ended and utilized multiple OS with their phones, they truly need help with the quality of their low-end models. It's not hard to make high-end selling phones of good quality, which is what is expected of them, but Nokia has been falling behind on the lower-end phones ($200>) that most people use for business and non-smartphone usage, which is where they make most of their money in the end.

gamingdroid2896d ago


Nokia's hardware needs work?

Have you seen Symbian? I know it isn't Nokia originally, but man that is a piece of sh!t. Nokia's hardware has had some rather ugly design choices, but the design is rock solid.

The N8 for instance is a great looking and very solid phone. The OS though, needs to be replaced even with their new Symbian^3.

Optical_Matrix2896d ago

On the contrary, Symbian is actually a ridiculously stable and powerful OS. The problem is the support it gets isn't strong because it isn't as commercially up to date as Android and iPhones. Apps are big business for example. Ovi Store and Blackberries lack so many Apps and features it's crazy. Notice how Android Phones and iPhone are so popular, and make no mistake that Apps and user accessibility are part of the reason why.

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