F.E.A.R Demo on OXM Disc But Not On Marketplace

If you are wanting to try out the F.E.A.R demo you should buy the latest issue of the Offical Xbox Magazine.

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Zaskark55377d ago

Its cool but the guns and your hands look small.

DG5377d ago

Are they smaller than whats on the screenshots ... cuz those look prety big. Hows the game? Is it worth $20.00

G_CodeMonkey5377d ago

I have a hard time believing they'd be that shortsighted to shoot themselves in the XBL foot. If the mag is worth it (I think it is), then folks will subscribe, otherwise they won't-- but that's cutting off your note to spite your face and will backfire from the negative press if it is a trend. I for one, though I've picked up a copy of the mag here and there, WON'T be buying the game without a demo (I've already played it on the PC), and don't intend necessarily to pick this issue of the mag up, so... and I'm not the only one, I'm sure.


Mikey_Gee5377d ago

Went to my local shop to get the OXM for OCtober with F.E.A.R and they did not have it in yet.


Asuka5377d ago

i'm picking this up at PS3 launch for sure