Jack Tretton talks about slow start of PS3, how it's all right

What's the number one reason to own a PS3 right now? According to SCEA president Jack Tretton, the console is "future proof," that's why.

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Farsendor14042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

say some of the slowness has to do cause sony lied about some stuff most true gamers dont care but others do well anyways im having fun with all the systems. well im getting wii when smash bros comes out but im happy to own both 360 and ps3. and im sure ps3 will sell more sometime.

but halo 3 is coming out this week so im going to be playing that for a while.

Counter_ACT4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

What did they lie about..?

Farsendor14042d ago

we dont need games to win
the list goes on and on ever sense e3 05. been under a rock?

SonySoldiers4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

seriously, you have issues like most xbots. Fix it!

beavis4play4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

and ms lies include the biggest: a hardware failure rate of OVER 30%. they denied this for a year. or peter moore saying playing ms games would be like "living a lucid dream". come on, they all lie at one point or another.
edit: volemort at #3-you keep track of the sites that you feel shows sony lies? are you insane? i feel very sorry for your limited life. that kind of behavior is disturbing. why is showing a particular company may or may not have lied so imp. to you? especially when you ignore mircosoft and the less than honest way they have dealt with gamers and the hardware failure issues.

BloodySinner4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

Where did you pull that information from, your ass? How can someone lie about topic that's unproven? Sorry to break it to you, kid. Sony is the liar here. Don't point any fingers at Microsoft.

Farsendor14042d ago

ill just make a full list
we dont need games to win
7 controllers
2 hdmi
10) 5 Million people would buy PS3s, even if it didn't have any games!


The fact of the matter is, nobody would buy a console with no games. Perhaps the early adopters would buy a $600 paper weight, but there isn't enough early adopters to go around to push 5 million PS3s without games. Fortunately for Sony, the PS3 will be released with games.

9) Nintendo copied off of us! We invented 3D!


When I heard this a few months ago on Digg, I had to chuckle. Sony mentions that they had brought 3D to console gaming for the first time with the Playstation 1. As a result, they further assert that Nintendo copied off of them with the Nintendo 64. Unfortunately, what they don't tell you is that the SUPER NINTENDO was the first game console to bring 3D gaming to the consoles. Anybody else remember the FX Chip? Star Fox? Stunt Racer FX? Thought so.

8) The DS is trailing the PSP


This was said in an interview with SCEA Veep, Jack Tretton. I'm thinking, if you tell yourself somthing long enough, does that make it true? Unfortunately for Sony, the movie industry has wisened up to the failor of PSP and have pulled their movies. EA has wisened up to the failor of the PSP and have moved to concentrating more on the Nintendo DS. It just didn't work out for Sony. Live with it.

7) The PS3 is a Computer


In this leaked Sony QA, you see that Sony refers to the PS3 as a computer in almost every answer to every question. Sony wants the PS3 to be known as a computer for two reasons: #1 $1000 is a good price on a PC, $600 is even better and #2 No import tax into Europe. Give me a break. The PS3 is about as much of a PC as the PSP is a multimedia entertainment convergence center.

6) We are the true innovators!


I'll belive this if doubling everything Nintendo does is innovation. It seems to be a constant Sony philosophy: wait for Nintendo to do it and then double it. Analog Stick? Dual Analogs! Rumble? Dual Shock!

5) The rumble feature had to be removed due to the motion sensor


Obviously, somebody hasn't played Wario Ware Twisted. This game for the Gameboy Advance features both amazing motion control and rumble features. I think that Twisted was made to help test Wii functionality.

It's pretty obvious that the real reason rumble was taken out of the PS3 controller is due to the lawsuit Immersion filed against them. They don't want to pay Immersion royalties or a settlement for their Dual Shock, so they won't have it at all. They're taking their ball and going home.

4) The PS3 is too cheap!


I think the public will decide this, Sony. Most people say the PS3 is more expensive than what they will like to pay for a Next Generation game console. Perhaps if consumers weren't forced to buy proprietary Sony technologies that they can't use, the PS3 will come out at a good price point.

3) There will be 2 million PS3s at launch!


Every time I check the news, this number gets smaller and smaller. I would caution anyone from making promises they can't keep. At least Nintendo has a good excuse to keep breaking their promised release dates of Zelda. I don't think anyone will be unhappy to get to swing Link's sword.

2) Next Generation will start with the PS3


Sony justifies this by saying that the current generation started with the PS2, not the Dreamcast. I beg to differ. I have a lot of my Dreamcast games on other consoles now. They are early next gen games. Sure games like Evolution Worlds and Skies of Arcadia doesn't look as good as some of the games these days, but they sure were a quantum jump from PS1/N64 graphics. Sega started this generation of gaming, not Sony.

1) We are not arrogant!


Sounds pretty arrogant to me. With a company that is constantly claiming that the PS3 will sell on the Sony brand alone, that tells me arrogants. They lie to themselves, they lie to consumers; that's some arrogant behavior to me.

I like the people I do business with to be honest. Sony unfortunately is behind the times when it comes to culture and doesn't realize that everything they say can be verified within a few moments. Let's hope this awakens Sony so that the PS4 will be truly innovative and worth buying.

05 footage was all in game.

know companies lie they ran by people so they arent perfect have forgiven them with most stuff but rumble that sux and it always will until we have rumble.

rumble is last gen yeah right they giving it to us now.

sajj3164042d ago

Can be countered with a Microsoft blunders list. The point is that every console maker stretches the truth. I'm still waiting for CG graphics with the Ultra 64, oops I meant Nintendo 64.

Its quite easy to knock the product when its in 3rd place in the US but 2nd place worldwide. Its one thing to overpromise and underdeliver and you are a PS3 owner. Its another thing to overpromise and underdeliver and you are not a PS3 owner. Are you a PS3 owner?

I agree that the above is arrogance. Being the console leader for 2 generations will do that. That is not their downfall. The only thing limiting the PS3 right now is price. This is where I disagree with Kaz. My only gripe is that they haven't awoken to this obvious fact. Software is important, but the Wii is moving units without quality software. Its the price point. Sony's brand strength coupled with a decent price would have done wonders. Their initial 499 and 599 price points just killed any momentum they had with the PS2.

SonySoldiers4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

Volemort, stop spreading your own issues. You must be blindfolded, completely sightless from start to finish by microshaft.

Sony's PS3 has the future, it was made to last for 10 years that no cowboys technology can keep up.. even Mr. Tretton confesses it.

hardcorehippiez4042d ago

all xbox owners have reminded us all constantly that we have no game yea and the ps3 has sold 5 million so therfore it seems to me sony was rite . nuff said

SWORDF1SH4042d ago

halt the list you jus blurted is stuff taken out of context or not even lies
7 controllers, yes it does
2 hdmi sockets, how did they lie about that, it was on a early sku but must of changed it to reduce cost of the already pricey machine
4d, it was a term that ken used but how is that a lie
the next gen dont start until we say, taken out of context or translated badly idk. but i think the ps3 is mor of a next gem machine that any coz sony have truly stepped things up with it. thats what next gen is all about.
5m without any games, no truely great games yet aside for a few so, check.
the rumble and sixaxis thing, they had problems gettin around that but it wasnt a lie and the dualshock as stuff in it to solve it.
ps is to cheap, well considerin its loosin money on eah console of coarse its to cheap. but in another sence that its a bit expensive for casual gamers it isnt cheap but what they said aint a lie.
2m at launch, unpredicted problem with blu ray diode so kinda didnt lie coz they intended to do it.
we are true inovators, have you seen all the products of sony also i suppose they blu doesnt count to you. look at what sony have done and look at whats the ps3 capable of b4 you blurt out more sh** instead of going on about controllers.
the ps3 is a computer, whats wrong of tryin to cut the tax off it to make it cheaper in the eu. we pay £425 for a ps3 and £300 for a 360 coz of tax. thats $850 and $600. also it can run linux and surf the internet and as a hd and a internet conection. sounds a bit like a computer to me.
psp a failure, what 23m sold. thats 23m and its a failure. umd movies will make its way back btw, it jus to expensive (not sonys fault) but thats being worked on. and if he said the ds is trailin then that was a lie. i dont kno if he was referin to recent weeks in japan.
they invented 3d, dont kno about that
as for the killzone cgi footage that was a lie but that was quickly changed to target footage instaed on ingame footage. so yeah that was a lie. and the arrogant thing ok they were a little arrogant but things have changed and the nintendo has been the most arrogant over the last six months but they dont get called arrogant

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Saint Sony4042d ago

Slow start? O_O Makes me wonder how much sh!t is going to hit the fan when PS3 speeds up. Scary.

PS3 was only a golden promise which turned out to be golden shower... eeew.

Once more, lets applaud to PS3 "crap crap crap crap crap crap!"

SonySoldiers4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

Where did you put your medicine, crackhead? are you going too FAST?

*slaps Nostredame with a huge power brick that belongs to the cowboy's console*

richie007bond4042d ago

I bought a ps3 and all i can say am utterly disappointed with it.Fook all games to play and the games for it are average to say the least,i swallowed sony BS hook line and sinker and now regret it,all i can say thank fook for Microsoft AND THE XBOX 360 ,if it wasn't for Microsoft GAMING WOULD BE in A DIRE STATE right now,because if it was left to sony and their blu ray, gaming on consoles would be flushing down the toilet pan

AngryHippo4042d ago

PS3 is a great piece of kit, i love it, but right now i prefer my 360, better games, more of them and a killer christmas line up, next year we will see, but until then 360 wins hands down. Hardware wise - PS3 wins, Software wise - 360 wins

risk4042d ago

not really. if there was no microsoft, we wouldnt have the xbox 360, or the ps3 right now. sony would be waiting another year/2 years to release the PS3 so it would be cheap (aka 399/299) when it is released. as you remember the ps3 was released to prevent the xbox from getting an even bigger lead.

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