Sega demand stronger PS3 sales

Sega are once again pushing console makers to drive sales of next-gen systems higher, having in the past singled out the limited installed base of the PlayStation 3 as a reason why development of new games remained risky.

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secur1ty9114095d ago

Why didn't you implement online gaming when you released Virtua Fighter 5 for the PS3? Now that would've driven PS3 sales don't you think.

Torch4095d ago

Man, you took the words right outta my mouth...

To say that I'm currently bitter towards these bastards is an understatement. After being subject to the Virtua Fighter "online is impossible" fiasco, this type of arrogance only adds salt to the wound for having supported them.

Now, It's gonna take a helluva lot before I give Sega any more of my money.

Stupid me...Should've bought Tekken 5 instead.

SWORDF1SH4095d ago

if sega made a good game surely that would drive sales of the consoles. sega havent really ever released a console sellin game like mgs and gta so until the do they should stfu and why have a swipe at sony when the have 3 platforms to release a game on the 120m install base of ps2 the 23m of psp and 4.5m of ps3. im sure if they make a good game across those platform they will make a lot of money

Wingnut264095d ago

We DEMAND better games!

Snukadaman4095d ago

blame sony and their weak psn. If a game doesnt have a dedicated server its not worth playing on psn...notice how all the good games with online get dedicated servers....that cost money along with a small install base equals less of a reason too put in online.

SonySoldiers4094d ago (Edited 4094d ago )

NO WORRIES! Sony still rocks even without Sega.

The future still belongs to Sony. They will soon be kissing our HD console's butt.

Shankle4094d ago

lol i love this guy! He's so blindly cheery!

Jinxstar4094d ago

@ Snuka.

Warhawk has dedicated servers. They appear as blue in the server list. Player consoles appear as white.

They used playstations as the dedicated servers moron.

Why not blame sega. The option was there. They didn't take it. PSN works just fine for Warhawk, Tekken, MK2, RFOM and every other game I have played is on par with Speeds that I have played Gears. Do your homework and stop posting crap.

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SofaKingReetodded4095d ago

sega mattered to

was anyone complaining when the 360's base was at 5-6 mil?

two faced, all of em.

SpenserTracy4095d ago

Take a look at Dreamcast. Now thats a seller:-)

cuco334095d ago

Sega failed by flooding the market with too many systems & peripherials in such a short time

bulky Genesis, Slim Genesis, 32x, SegaCD, Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast...

REbirth4095d ago (Edited 4095d ago )

why just they don't do an AAA title? the console don't need to sell well for the DEV. see their games selling...they just need to do some good games...and then it will be sold like water...

take the example of Halo and Halo 2... both together sold almost 15 mil copies...with only 25 mil console sold...

Rooftrellen4094d ago

Big huge AAA title everyone wants on the PS3 = 4-6 mil sales (depending on your source for consoles out there).

Big huge AAA title everyone wants on the Wii or 360 = 9-11 million sales (again, depending on your source for consoles out there).

Obviously even the lowest end, at 4 million, the game does well, but it's twice as profitable to make a game for the 360 or Wii by the install base as it stands.

risk4094d ago

lol roof get your facts straight

resitance was a platinum title (1million units sold) when ps3 had about 3million ps3's sold 1:3 attach rate.

Gears of war had 3 million units sold?(need proof) when MS had 10 million units sold. now tell me who has the higher attach rate for good games? oh yeah thats right the playstation 3. even thou LESS people bought it, the ratio of the attach rate is HIGHER then what gears of war has.

TOM4094d ago

Game attach rates: 1.5 per PS3, 3 per Wii, 5.2 per Xbox 360 ...


Rooftrellen4094d ago

Who said anything about attach rate?

If you have a game that everyone wants, and you make it for a single console, you stand to sell more on the Wii or the 360, end of story.

Talk about attach rates all you want (dismal for the PS3, actually, decent for the Wii, very very high for the 360), but that doesn't change the fact that the PS3 has less potential buyers for a game, and, therefore, fewer sales.

In fact, if we take attach rate into consideration (I didn't because any game could sell well on any console, if the game is good), the PS3 has the lowest attach rate and becomes an even worse option.

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Counter_ACT4095d ago

Pfft. They don't have anything that good coming out anytime soon.

SabreMan4095d ago

SEGA are a quality developer who shine when it comes to arcade "like" games VF5 is stunning and sega Rally Evo looks like it's going to do the franchise justice pure arcade racing. I for one can't wait until friday to stick the disc in my ps3

they need to let the Sonic franchise go tho as the last few have been poor to say the least