Dead Space 2 - Multiplayer Sprawl Security Team Trailer

Complete a number of missions while earning new costumes as the Sprawl Security Team.

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bobrea2806d ago

Dead space multiplayer blows, not sure why anyone would want this

Ares84PS32806d ago

I have the game and loving it but I never touched the MP mode. I tried the MP mode when the demo of it came out and it's crap.

Dead Space is a kind of game that truly didn't need an MP mode.

I hope they will come to their sences for the 3rd game and won't force an MP mode on.

Who in their right mind buys Dead Space 2 for the MP mode anyway?

bobrea2806d ago

I don't when a single player focused game adds a multiplayer mode as long as it's good. Dead Space's multiplayer though, is horrible. I can't rememebr the last time I played a game that where one team was so overpowered (engineers.) And yes, I'm aware of the need for people to work together, etc, so don't give me that crap. the multiplayer is just not very good.

Eiffel2806d ago

I played it numerous times with friends, people just whore stasis every time, it really cripples it. This game didn't need a multiplayer at all.

tigertron2806d ago

Its only good when people work as a team, otherwise you get people running around like Rambo getting jumped on by aload of Necromorphs; and when you're a Necromorph, you get killed loads.