Halo 3 to fire up flagging Xbox fortunes

It is "the most highly anticipated game of all time and biggest entertainment event in history", if you believe the hype being generated by Microsoft for the midnight launch of its Halo 3 video game.

But in financial terms, this shoot 'em up game starring US marines in space suits is even more important for the games and electronics unit that Bill Gates built....

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Captain Tuttle4094d ago (Edited 4094d ago )

That shot at the PS3 in the last sentence was harsh. I'm not sure that I'd say that the 360 has "flagging" fortunes although $5 billion down the toilet is hard to ignore.

Canidae4094d ago

Indeed, that was uncalled for, but since its a MS owned/affiliated news organization its not that surprising.

Captain Tuttle4094d ago

Good point...I hadn't thought of that.

darx4094d ago (Edited 4094d ago )

At the begining of the article you will see and at the end of the article you will read...

"Copyright The Financial Times Ltd. All rights reserved."

I don't believe our guy is a writer for MSNBC. Unless, The Financial Times Ltd. is owned or affiliated with MS....Don't have the time to look that up.

Hatchetforce4094d ago

I have my 360 just waiting for launch tonight. But the issue MS has is that one game won't reverse things. They put their eggs in one basket. Yes there are other things coming but they have made a point of the belief the world will suddenly drop everything and buy every 360 they can find. It isn't going to happen. In a week the hoopla will be over.

When the 360 downward trend continues people will start to say, "Even HALO 3 couldn't save the 360." I don't think MS realizes how grandly they have set themselves up for failure by taking the tact that HALO will save the 360 world. It won't.

kn4094d ago

Seriously... There have been half a dozen or so threads all with the basic premise of "Halo 3: will it save the 360?" I wasn't aware the 360 needed saving yet so many of these articles imply that it does. It is doing pretty well for a $400 console and will do better as prices come down. As far as next gen goes, I don't consider the Wii and 360 as competing for the same dollars.

All that said, Halo 3 will certainly help Microsoft in a pretty big way overall, but no one game will ever make/break a console...

Silver3604094d ago

Only in Japan are the sales horrible. In North America the 360 dominates. In other countries the 360 and the Wii are close. Only country where the PS3 smacks A** is Japan. So stop with all the 360 is losing articles. The Wii has nothing that can compare to the 360's game play and graphics and the PS3 is a very slow starter this generation. Two years from now who knows what it will be but for now the 360 is the leader. By the way I kinda stopped reading the article when he called master chief a US Marine. Shows ignorance on his part or lousy fact checking.

Hatchetforce4094d ago

Dummies the 360 is down over 60% this past quarter versus the same time last year. It has been dropping steadily. It needs help.