Lens of Truth - First Look: Marvel vs. Capcom 3 HD Gallery and Video (720p)

Lens of Truth writes"In this First Look we bring you the first few minutes of Capcom’s highly anticipated fighter Marvel vs. Capcom 3. So far, the game’s visuals look amazing, but the real question is how does it play? Our full review is coming in the next couple of days but until then, checkout some actual gameplay that’ll leave your mouths watering. Enjoy!"

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just_the_tip2808d ago

Can't wait to get this game looks sick.

Tempjf2808d ago

Yeah this game is off the chartz!!

RudeSole Devil2808d ago

can't wait until Monday night YEA!

RudeSole Devil2808d ago

Looks awesome but this is the Xbox 360 version i can tell.

Soul Train2808d ago

Where is Captian Commando?

cruxito2808d ago

to be honest, it doesnt look that good, Battle Fantasia looks better, CapcomvsTatsunoko looks the same,,, BlazBlue CS is totally in another level... but still im gonna get this game

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