Ten Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Bill Gates

Unlike other powerful billionaires, Bill Gates tends to stay away from the ever glaring eye of the media, that’s unless he’s giving away a few billion dollars. The man who started Microsoft and turned it into on of the biggest tech company in the world, has an interesting past that includes devious mischief and fierce business tactics. These days the worlds richest man focuses more on philanthropy then he does on software.

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Thrillhouse2897d ago

"3. Bill would modify his school’s computer system to place himself in classes with mostly girls."

Like a boss.

gunnerforlife2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

hate him for the monopolly that hes created for MS but as a man and the stuff he does with charity and stuff hes as great as they get!.
i mean he got a man to give up nearly 20 billion pounds for a good deed :/ legend rite there.

Edit: it wasnt him that gave the 20 million though lool
it was one of hes friends, i mean he literally got the guy to give hes whole fortune to charity or some kind of research.

mousearmy2895d ago

Pretty easy to give away 20 billion when you've got 50 billion left.

gamingdroid2895d ago

Tell that to all the other rich people in the world?

kreate2894d ago

"Bill and his wife Melinda has given away over $28 billion to charity"

and got 100 billion dollar in tax return for giving away those charity money.

ATiElite2895d ago

Number 6 was done on purpose to get his employees to think of more creative ideas because they were at they point that everything they said a bunch of "yes Men" would cheer them on.

I remember him joking about that on some special.

Bill Gates nicknamed "Trey" how Hood is that!!

Bounkass2895d ago

I know he's rich. Very rich...

Loner2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

He gives a lot of money to charity

@ kaveti6616
lol.Haters gonna hate

kaveti66162895d ago

they're disagreeing with your existence, not with your statement.


Hes rich and supports eugenics. very classy!

Parapraxis2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

That's bullshit.

He does NOT support eugenics. Alex Jones and the clowns at Prison Planet have their heads up their asses.

He has done more good in this world with his foundation than many people combined could accomplish in a lifetime.

Trying to abolish Polio is his next goal.
People who try to twist his actions into some BS conspiracy can go F themselves.

MONOLITHICIDE2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

You go believe what you like but dont sit there and attack me dip shit because you cant open your eyes. And Fuck Alex Jones you fuck, hes a CIA operative. And wheres your proof that he doesnt, I have seen numeruos videos of him listed and speaking to the Globalists about population reduction, but I know you cattle in here believe anything they tell.

Also, hes trying to abolish polio for him and his globalist crew, dont think for a second that your gonna be cured because thats not the idea. now go along keep telling yourself how life is wonderful and vote for obama next term. Go on the listen to you. lol

kaveti66162895d ago

Monolith, firstly, you deserve to be bubbled down for your unprovoked attack.

Secondly, stop spouting your shit here, man.

Thirdly, the burden of proof is on you. Parapraxis can't prove that somebody IS NOT doing something.

If you make a claim that Gates is a eugenicist, then the burden of proof is on you to prove it.

LightofDarkness2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

Monolith, take a moment and look at what you've just posted. Do you realise how paranoid you sound?
I was like you once. Thinking the US government was out to get me. But you know what? Much of that image is just what they want you to think of them. They are quite happy in the knowledge that people like you believe that they are all knowing and all powerful, when in reality, they are a MESS. Their government is in complete disarray, and what they would really like is for you to keep believing that they can blink you out of existence if you step out of line. The fact is, they can't. They scramble about like headless chickens trying to fix economic messes, set up by generations of inept figureheads, who were more interested in power and money than the welfare of their people.
Pull your head out of your paranoid, delusional ass and see what's really going on, instead of trying to be a blind man leading the blind.

kaveti66162895d ago

eugenics isn't necessarily an evil idea.

for example, if a man and woman are in a relationship and both of them are carriers of a gene that codes for a specific disease or impairment such as blindess, common sense tells us that the couple probably shouldn't have a child unless there exists a method whereby the genes can be disabled or removed from the parents so that their offspring don't suffer from the hereditary disease or issue.

However, some people are so selfish that they think their freedom to procreate should supersede the welfare of their potential children.

What kind of a dickwad knowingly has kids when he/she knows his/her kids are going to suffer from a major medical issue? (Palin comes to mind)

The evil side of eugenics has to do with master races and the very subjective notions that certain people are superior to others and should populate the world while the inferior people should be annihilated.

If you care about the quality of life of people, then you probably wouldn't have children if you were certain that they were going to have a poor quality of life.

I don't know if Bill Gates is eugenicist, but if he is, I don't think he's a racist or anything like that. He probably thinks that if you live in a third world country and you can barely survive on the food provided by the Red Cross, you probably shouldn't be having kids? Common sense. I'm tired of seeing photographs of babies and small children who are suffering from malnutrition and starving to death.

gamingdroid2895d ago

"However, some people are so selfish that they think their freedom to procreate should supersede the welfare of their potential children."

Not only their own children, but also society as well might suffer. If society doesn't care then suddenly it is evil!

I have no problem with eugenicist. It makes perfect sense as we do it with almost everything else. Why give life to a child that is going to suffer, that is essentially knowingly torturing others.

ATiElite2895d ago

Eugenics is not natural or a good thing to do. Nature has a balance, ying and yang. you have weak or ill people who are offset by healthy and strong people.

Stephen Hawkins is the smartest guy on the planet ever and look at his physical condition offset by Paul Anderson one of the fittest and The Strongest MEN EVER who is about as smart as a bag of rocks.

Eugenics would create a race of people that would be suspectable to die by one virus where as our Humanity today is so diverse in gene make-up that it's able to carry on even through plagues, viruses, and cancer.

gamingdroid2895d ago

We are not talking about extreme eugenicist here. Just avoiding serious conditions, not as a tool to produce perfect children.

kaveti66162895d ago

I guess ATiElite has a point.

But you need to understand that Stephen Hawking's intellect was not enhanced by his disease.

Your argument sounds like this.

"We shouldn't try to prevent the birth of children who are predisposed to terrible illnesses because those children might grow up to be amazing and accomplished people."

It doesn't make any sense.

XabiTheHumble2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

@gamingdroid that is not your decision to make if he live or die regardless of how his life is lived. Eugenics is evil, no way around it.
@kaveti it makes plenty of sense, please explain how it doesn't make sense.

gamingdroid2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

I can't decide if somebody is to live or die, if there isn't anybody? Basically there is no child until it is conceived even then I support abortion as a choice.

With that said one shouldn't impose i.e force others because one believe it is wrong. That is one factor for why we have so many issues, primarily because we focus on the I, not the collective.

I have a right to have children! No you should not, no more than you have a right to drive i.e. it is a privilege not a right! Earn it!

Your children becomes society's problem if you aren't an able parent (of course in some circumstances there are exceptions) and that affects us all.

HIV-2895d ago

Thumbs up to Kaveti and gamingdroid

comment #4.2.6 is the best comment of the day.

I wish more people in third world countries would think like gamingdoid and Kaveti.

Before anyone disagrees, I grew up in a third world country and now I've moved to a industrial one and I can clearly see "gamingdriod's" point of view.

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XabiTheHumble2895d ago

Beat me too it...b*stard. XD

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