A Much-Needed Look At Square Enix’s Ninja Game, Moon Diver

Siliconera: Ninja side-scrollers are some of the most fun games out there, but Square Enix have been rather mum on their own take on the side-scrolling ninja genre — Moon Diver, created by Kouichi "Isuke" Yotsui, one of the designers of Strider.

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Yi-Long2859d ago

... I'd LOVE a new HD 2D Shinobi game though. Revenge of Shinobi was one of my favourite Genesis games.

I wish there would be more 2D games coming out. Platformers, shoot-'m-ups, beat-'m-ups, puzzlers, etc etc.

I want to see more stuff like Shadow Complex and Joe Danger and Trials and Super Meat Boy and such.

Whitefox7892859d ago

I want a freaking release of Strider 2 on the PSN! Capcom's sitting on a freaking gold mine.

Godmars2902859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

Considering how Capcom has been lately it might be better if they continued sitting on their IPs.