Super Mario All Stars to be Reprinted due to Popular Demand

An anonymous source has told Rewind Replay Publications that Nintendo will be reprinting the Super Mario All Stars limited edition for the Wii. The game which sold incredibly well, can now be found onebay for $60, which is twice as much as the MSRP

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n4f2806d ago

no i want mario all star+mario world+ yoshi island

Mr_Shuttlezworth2805d ago

Still have my original cartridge and SNES, but with emulation being so simple on pc i dont see the appeal to pay $50 for this.

RedDead2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )


This is one of the cases where I feel I have the right to use an emulator. I once bought Super mario 3 on the GBA for €40...I feel like an Idiot now. Especially when so many devs release there games for free after a certin amount of years. Command and Conque and elder scrolls 2 come to mind

Mr_Shuttlezworth2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

Ok, but lets say that in the 90's you purchased that game originally, and now that cartridge may no longer work, or it may have been lost at some point over the years, is it still piracy??

How about a game like Earthbound, which is highly sought after, and may never be available for purchase due to it's pop culture references?? The only copies available consistantly sell for about $100, and how many people really still have a functioning SNES to play it on?


@Big_Mex - The first run was selling online for $49.99. Honestly, $29.99 is actually a fair price considering the original cartridge goes for about $20 on ebay.

@Reddeaddestroyer - Yes, but if i paid for it 15 years ago, why should i have to pay for it again? This is nothing more than a cash grab by nintendo. In the case of Earthbound, it is a game that will never see another commercial release in its original form... How could this affect the developers if it is not even available for purchase? They dont make money from the used-game market.

Big_Mex2805d ago

"so if you didn’t get a chance to nab one, don’t worry you’ll be able to get some for $29.99."

was in the article. not $50

RedDead2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

It's still piracy, the devs don't want it to be free. Simple as that. So it's still stealing.

However, most reasonable people see this for what it is. It's gone beyond milking. Do yourself a favour, get an emulator and download this 19 year old game. It's rediculous to think nintendo are doing this. It's unnacceptable in my opinion. And the amount of people that will buy it...It just gives me the impression of the corporate giants trying to nab as much money as they can. It has Bobby Kotick written all over it. Is this what gaming has now come too?

Edit---Chadly down below, keep your copy, it is an original copy. It will be treated like an Antique at some point.

Seferoth752805d ago

Yes just completely unacceptable for a company to give people what they want.

Nobody is forcing you to buy it kids. Just pull out your old console and play the freaking game without buying the new version if it bothers you so much

Norad62805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

@ Seferoth75 It's not a new version, that's the problem. Same game that was on a cartridge. If it was a new version (lets say with a graphic overhaul) then yea I'd understand and would most likely buy it myself.

@ Everyone My rule I live buy. If the game is over 10 years old, it's fair game. Plus, there really isn't much to the cartridge based games by today's standards. Flash games are more sophisticated now then most retro games. I just can't see spending money on that kind of old tech.

I sometimes get the urge to play some final fight. I'm not going to run out to the used games stores or ebay to hunt down an SNES and a copy of a game for a 10 minute itch. Plus if I did that, the company who made the game doesn't get any of the money anyway. The store who sold it to me does. So what's the point...

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Kon2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

Sad people who bough this direct port from the SNES.

Ahasverus2805d ago

lol paying more than full price for a 19 years old remake :P

femshep2805d ago

COOl except so much for very limited

showtimefolks2805d ago

so why do this but i guess if people are willing to buy anything mario related why not easy money

i feel like nintendo doesn't do many new IPs or not the ones i like we have seen the same 4-6 big Ip's all the time

and sony and MS do the same but atleast every now and than we see something new from MS like crackdown,alan wake etc,,,

sony has modnation,heavy rain and lbp series along with many other as new Ip's

Mr_Shuttlezworth2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

Why take the risk of investing millions into a new IP when the sheep will buy anything related to Mario, Zelda, & Pokemon?

Like you said... It's easy money, and they are a business. Corporations dont care about the art, only what they can profit from it.

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