Halo 3 Review - He's back gives their review of Halo 3. This review comes across a bit different than a lot of one's I have seen today, pay particular attention to the graphics rating.


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ploody4042d ago

some people will just never be satisfied

Farsendor14042d ago

sure has gotten some nice reviews cant wait to play this game. been long awaited but its coming!

mesh14042d ago

games cant be perfect hahah and i dont get why some mags are rating halo3 like if it was 2 games single player and multi player shows how gr8 halo 3 is its so good they fill it wud be un fair to fully rate it as 1game haha thus some good reviewers have giving it a 10/10 based on 1 game 360 is a beast thank u M$S=)