The price of a ticket to E3 2011

E3 is considered by many to be a gaming Mecca, and the annual trip to Los Angeles their Hajj. Unfortunately for them, E3 management is clamping down on media badge assignments this year, and a lot of people from small sites aren’t going to be able to attend the 2011 Expo...and I don’t think this is entirely a bad thing.

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wwm0nkey2809d ago

Price of a ticket. $400 and you can go regardless of your affiliation to the industry. I have been twice and already ordered my ticket for my 3rd year!

Can not wait till E3 2011!

remanutd552809d ago

or you can go to the pre E3 playstation blog meet up and get a chance to enter sony press conference and E3 , thats what i did last year

wwm0nkey2809d ago

I rather just pay the way in like I do. I save up each year to go. Rather know im 100% getting in rather than just a chance im going to get in.

Megaton2809d ago

I'm surprised more people don't know that. You can buy tickets. I went with my friend last year when he was picking up his passes and at least 1/3 of the line was there to buy. It's not like some exclusive event. Any of these bloggers who submit to N4G all day can get in for free under the guise of "online journalist".

LtSkittles2809d ago

What I would do for a ticket. Always wanted to go since I made the discovery of it in 2004.

wwm0nkey2809d ago

again, $400 will get you in. just buy it on their site.

NexGen762809d ago

Damn didn't know that but is the 400 for everyday of the event ?

wwm0nkey2809d ago

Nope, its all 3 days. If you go one year you can start getting the tickets for $360. Its a big price but its a really fun event to go to if you are a huge gaming enthusiast.

Lavalamp2809d ago

Does it also get you into the press conferences, or is it show floor only?

zslash2809d ago

No, the press conferences are separate. Having an E3 badge does not get you in those. You need to be invited by Sony/Nintendo/MS.

RockmanII72809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

I'd honestly rather go to PAX, and that is only about $60 for a 3 day pass.

Edit - Close enough
$55 for 3 day pass, $35 for 1 day pass

KaiokenKid2809d ago

Soo, basicaly only the big boys get to go? What about the peopel trying to make a name for themselves?

ScubaSteve12809d ago

thats why you gotta work in the business

KaiokenKid2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

But what about the people that want to get into the business? Theyre screwed. You cant just go to a class and they give you a certificate into the gaming business world. You have to do do stuff to get noticed or whatever, how can you do that if you are locked out of stuff? This limits new blood getting into the game and the old dogs will become the ONLY people.

LtSkittles2809d ago

Major in journalism, make a site/domain, hire people, get interviews, get noticed?

This is what I'm thinking of doing, just get a group of people/friends who know their stuff.

zslash2809d ago

The requirement is very modest. 8000 uniques in a month is nothing! One story on the N4G front page will get you that in a day basically.

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The story is too old to be commented.